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Qualities of a good site

Qualities of a good site

Matt Cutts answers Google questions: – Does Sitemaps depend on pageviews? – What are the top things to do in SEO ? – How does Google decide to use a DMOZ snippet versus the description from a meta tag? – Should I use bold or strong tags? Matt Cutts Answers: Matt Cutts

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  4. idanieltube

    Really liked the question concerning? the -b- versus -strong- tag.

  5. RobertoCDorado

    Hola matt,ojala y supiera como posicionar mis sitios,seria lo mejor que me pasase,pero nunca lo sabre?

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  7. ghayoor92

    That is awesome knowledge? by the Matt Cutts

  8. BlueBoden

    I do not view marketing videos – but i also do not think that Matt Cutts? is the humble genius on Internet marketing.

  9. ryandiscord

    lol myspace?

  10. FindSanDiegoQuality

    QUALITY qualities presented by Matt Cutts!?

  11. Klas Pettersson

    I like Matt Cutts videos a lot and it´s amazing that a video? like this has less then 10 000 views in a year.

  12. foxdirectory

    I love matt’s advice. He’s like Mr Google. Absolutely amazed this has only got 9,152 views and some crappy webmarking video from someone who doesn’t even? work at Google will have 500K+. Go figure.

  13. namaserajesh

    Thanks Matt.?

  14. andrewru1n

    I especially like Matt’s advice regarding strong versus bold tags. It’s been a commonly debated issue among different SEO philosophies. I think this explanation goes on to illustrate that we often get too caught up in semantics and instead we should just be focusing on best? design and creative content practices.

  15. sadamsadnedam

    that’s because people don’t need? instructions on how to build THEIR OWN sites

  16. webmindset

    Your videos should be getting? more views… I’m assuming folks don’t know you’re actually on the Google team.

  17. dsan172


  18. InsuranceFiles

    so many people view “internet marketing videos” and only 4k? views for Matt Cutts. That’s sad.

  19. Razvi2112

    Thanx for the tips, SEO service is the main part of? online market and i think your advice on the outsourcing is the bst way to do it

  20. Brad Smith

    Crawlable means the search engine bot can navigate your site. If your navigation is flash based then the bot may have some issues. You can use flash for navigation but also include text navigation links in your footer or somewhere as? an alternative.

    View your website in a text based browser such as Lynx. This is basically what your site looks like to a search engine.

  21. SterlingBorden

    no idea what crawlable means…? ? can you explain.

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  23. jeniferex

    Hi Matt,
    I recently ventured into the internet world and the? SEO is absolutely confusing. I’m frequently adding quality contents to my website and my PR still show zero. Any suggestion?

  24. idavideo

    Thank you! but is better if you? use a mic and eliminate the echo of the room. (like your google channel)

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    Thanks Matt
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