Home Google Index Checker Pt 1 – Introduction to ScrapeBox the Search Harvester and Auto Blog Commenter!

Pt 1 – Introduction to ScrapeBox the Search Harvester and Auto Blog Commenter!

Part 1 – An introduction to the ScrapeBox Search Engine Harvester, and Mass Blog Commenting Backlink tool. Take a look at it’s features such as Bulk PageRank, Random Names Generator, RSS Creator, RSS Submitter, URL Harvester, Email Harvester, Mass Comment submission to WordPress, Movable Type & BlogEngine, Proxy Harvester and Checker, Backlink Checker, Google Suggest Keyword Harvester.. and all round Super Cool!

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  1. discodave116

    Still doesn’t explain? what Scrapebox actually does??? eerr… eeerrmmm… eerrr. eerr.. hhmm….

  2. charlow123

    nah cunt hes a? good cunt

  3. bassjamdub

    just accept the constructive criticism and do better in future video’s that’s all i was? saying (8 months ago)

  4. jdante2

    free video.? have you made a better one?

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  9. missgap85

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  10. vritzka

    Hi. Can I use this to harvest the? urls of google results?

  11. SelintiGazer

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  12. bassjamdub

    thanks for the tutorial but you “erm” “erm” “erm” “erm” “erm” “erm” “aaaand” “aaaaand” “aaaaand” wway? to much

  13. sentenzadev

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  14. ndarkplr

    This is good but I saw some comments that it does not work with? Ezine Articles anymore. Can you comment on it please?

  15. steevy17200

    j’ai acheté scrapebox et pour ma première journée à l’utiliser j’en suis satisfait. Le logiciel est simple à télécharger, exécutez et à faire fonctionner. Que ce soit pour du black hat, grey hat ou white hat c’est le couteau suisse à avoir dans ses outils SEO.?

  16. saphos0

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  18. 0248959

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  22. cboseak

    I think he did a great job narrating, keep in mind he’s probably thinking while? he’s doing it

  23. cougarclaws

    Frank dude, I hope you don’t mind a constructive criticism – Its not my intent? to offend. You’ve got to work on cutting the ummmm and uhhhhs out when you speak. You do it every sentence. Keep up the good work.

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