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PSP Google Chrome web browser + how to install

More infos portals and apps things PSP Google Chrome browser + how to install DOWNLOAD : HOW TO INSTALL: Connect your psp to your computer Copy the ‘pspchrome’ folder in x/psp/common/ on your memorystick Disconect your psp from your computer Go to the psp web browser, write in the address bar ” file:/psp/common/pspchrome/index.html ” Then pspchrome will open, choose the language, and it will start. You may now set it as your home page or mark it in your bookmarks
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24 Responses

  1. 130Slover

    Is this also possible on the psp 3004 if so write to me please
    geht das auch auf der psp? 3004 bitte schreibt mich an

  2. abdullah mazin

    it worked just make sure? you typed it corectly mostly the word chrome

  3. Langed0g

    All? i did was put file:/psp/psp/common/pspchrome/index.html and it worked (; just add psp/ after the first psp

  4. TheVentour79

    awesome in? Psp Go!! thankx mate

  5. baniyabiraj

    no thigs? come here i cant do it bro

  6. lapcsanka

    Is? this a full new browser or just a portal? It was strange that you had to start it from the psps default browsers bookmarks …

  7. Andrew Young

    That’s? what I’m trying to figure out.

  8. SuperDjtimmy

    ttyyyyy tyyyyy thanks?

  9. Kushagr Jaiswal

    can it work for psp go? ? i have a psp go 6.60 with cfw pro b9

  10. TheAimanKhairi



    What do you do if it still says content can not be displayed after deleting cookies and cache??Please like so he? sees this

  12. Geofficiel

    Works on My psp 3004 with CFW 6.35, Thanks for the? tut dude 🙂

  13. Sander Wolbers

    Can you watch youtube movies in? this browser????

  14. batman100572

    damn hell…. you’re a genius.It works. But I have problem with the languages. I can access to only Netherland language no matter whatever? language I chose. Can you give me a solution for this.

  15. xyifer12

    “when i had? ofw with it i couldnt, but not, i have cfw”
    What the hell are you saying?

  16. Stefan Hangya


  17. ShadowProjectsTR

    is just’a? skin

  18. alecdepalect

    download proB-9/proB-10 for your psp? dont cost any money 🙂 just download it

  19. MrQbeat

    wow nice work dude?

  20. jejeromejake

    NICE!? works great on 6.60 pro b10!

  21. MrSzayelapporogranz

    me too

  22. az741741741

    thanks? friend
    is perfect

  23. ShadowProjectsTR

    Man is just? a skin…

  24. AQWorldStark

    Get a life.?