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Powered by Pligg : Autopligg SEO software for PageRank increase * Automatically register for accounts, submit stories and comment to thousands of Digg-like sites. * Automated pinging after each submission, with proxy support * Getting indexed in less that 2 hours!

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  1. DynamiteSEO

    Software doesnt come easier than? this. So much easier and cheaper /watch?v=Cy08QRdFP8k

  2. wombleme

    ignite seo can post to pligg? sites like autopligg, it costs less, and can hit another 100 platforms too

  3. seo4real

    very nice? peice of software – I have some great peices of software which you can view on my channel – thanks for the share

  4. ajayg514

    Need to increase the PageRank of TheMusicAge so people can market and optimize their content almost like a web page.?

  5. philly1537

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  6. LandingPages

    I guess it does work if the owner of the video was able to? rank it on the 1st page of Google for “SEO software” hehehe

  7. extremrams

    wtf are you blabering you? retard?

  8. philly1537

    going to jail?

  9. siflur

    It certainly works.?

  10. Lpe04

    sounds like spam. Does this really? work?