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Pokemon White Japanese Action Replay Codes

Pokemon White Japanese Action Replay Codes

Any other questions just put it in the comment section Game ID: IRAJ 4F2FDEC2 WHITE ::Walk Through Walls, Note: L+A to Enable. L+B to Disable. 94000130 FDFC0002 1216369A 00000200 D2000000 00000000 94000130 FDFD0000 1216369A 00001C20 D2000000 00000000 ::No Encounters, Push…

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25 Responses

  1. K2Widowmaker00

    David is awsome!!!?

  2. LiquidGF

    Are there codes? for pokemon captchure coming? e.g. mew and suicune?

  3. popol901

    where do? i put the game id????

  4. DavidTrungLy

    be sure? to subscribe

  5. Kchinloong


  6. MaverickTSFF20

    Well It definitely worked on my Emulator? with Pokemon White, thanks dude!

  7. kingofall1986

    do u know of the US code for pokemon white that alllows you to walk threw walls cause the i found makes it so my can’t move and i need help figuring out? what to do please help?

  8. beebeegunz0218

    #LOL #ASS on being one?

  9. DavidTrungLy

    #LOL? #FAIL on getting banned

  10. MinecraftLegend1337

    #LOL? #FAIL On explaining

  11. MinecraftLegend1337

    I? mean attempting to read JPN

  12. MinecraftLegend1337

    Because we like the voices, besides the english? version is out. Go away, troll.

  13. yoshiog1

    Why can’t people just f***ing wait for the ENGLISH version? Are you people that dumb? ? Or are you just impatient?

  14. DavidTrungLy

    be sure to subscribe and rate!?

  15. tobiman66

    thnx for the codes you? rock m/

  16. QontrastCA

    Hi I am new to this I am using an emulator Desmume 0.9.6 x86 how do? you use the cheat codes?

  17. DavidTrungLy

    understand that this? is for the Japanese Pokemon White Only

  18. rushikeshhiray

    did not get a thing

  19. CosmicBlazingMan

    @DavidTrungly how do you make pokemon white? work because when I put a new game in my action replay It freezes when i click on start game

  20. TheStickyMonster

    So you used a Japanese Action Reply? And it works with a Jap Version of Pokemon White? but on the English DSi right?

  21. DavidTrungLy

    the question is, what game did you use it on and country was it meant for cause this is for? japan

  22. CoRbOization

    How do u do the? multiplier codes?! everytime i try nothing happens!! 🙁

  23. yugiohfan05

    can any one tell me what? codes are for no banned pokemon for battle subway?

  24. Koji Hartley

    I put in the code for the Wild? Pokemon Modifier but it doesn’t show it in my codes but do you know ho to fix a problem like that?

  25. smallerlemon

    Thanks! I fixed it? as in updated it… sorry I cant press reply 😛