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Outsourced .edu backlink research – Finding target PR4+ sites

Using this quick, free Google research process you too can find high page rank sites to send emails to, in order to request backlinks. ( ) I have a strong incentive for them to want to link with me. The great script at Rent An Edu makes everything automatic, and now I can request my “dream” keyword text and a link on those high PR websites. According to Ryan Deiss, 18 related PR5 sites linking to you should make you a PR5 as well. With this process, I can send 1 email per minute (or faster), with high response rate. Can you get to PR5 in 30 min? With you can!
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  1. whoislinkingtome

    How come? no-one dared to comment here? Are people worried that they are being tracked by looking at link videos? All videos on Youtube are educational. Thanks for your video