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OS Xbox Pro Video Worklog

This video documents the build of my newest computer that I call the OS Xbox Pro. Thanks to my sponsors and Music by E-603 and Girl Talk. For more information about this build visit
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23 Responses

  1. coldkeyes

    I want to develop a console now I feel inspired now, tell where I can get the stuff? you have I make a game console now

  2. Jonathan Irons

    Where? can I get this track, it’s pretty alright. As for the mod, classy as ever. Shame about the XDK though

  3. gpanag93

    good work my friend… internet needs some ideas for our old devices.. keep up? the good work

  4. 44Robman44

    what stuff is it he uses at 6:50 ??

  5. slegerm


  6. DaKidd89

    wow, what he did at 8:26 I didn’t even know was possible. my cable management blows compared to? this.

  7. Isaac Pope

    doing the same thing with? an ITX mobo and a 670

  8. TheAdriannirvana

    XBOX R.I.P.?

  9. antonio chavez

    you make it seem so easy!?

  10. JayJapanB

    Dev kit cases? are bigger than regular xboxes

  11. tobiaszst1

    Have to make one in winter when gonna? have money and lots of spare time

  12. spartko247

    ok you messed up some really good songs in this video…just why!!!but gj on the? comp

  13. Roger Stiller Dj

    AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!?


    free? ms points
    bit.? ly/Q0kXCZ Remove spaces

  15. Quentin Mayo

    hey,you built the computer? . .. LIKE A BOSS

  16. beckwithpj

    what? gpu is that

  17. MidgetCake1

    hey man, this was FUCKING mind blowing, good job :)?

  18. watsweird182

    All of this JUST so he wouldn’t have to? buy a Mac! LOVE IT! 😉

  19. chucknorrissdick

    Everthing cool, BUT? the music

  20. facebag666

    what was the point in using a devkit if you were going to? paint it? XboX originals are a dime a dozen

  21. RicardoSkybax

    Puta merda!!!! Esse cara tem um puta de um talento parabéns ficou show!!!… Agora vejo q tem 134 invejosos de merda? q ñ sabem apreciar um talento bacana, no minimo devem ser pagodeiros de merda! ¬¬

  22. gamecoopbr

    LIKE? A BOSS!!!

  23. MrSeraquevai

    Fucking? Genius *–*