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1. Meta Data Optimization – This is provide and really is more on you to get done, you know your business, so you have to have input on this, we can add it in and we won’t let you forgot to provide this in.

2. Canonicalization Error Check – This is almost the same as “Duplicate Content Check” when we see a problem we’ll be talking with you over the phone on what we see and tell you what it means, then from that point we figure out what you think is best. This is not a, you’re on your own problem; this is for you and 200pluscost to talk out and give you the hand you may need to resolve the problem.

3. Content Optimization – This is provide as part of the service and is check each month and can be worked on any time needed. This is one of those things most people never think about and they should. If not that is a big reason to have us handling this? As market place change you want to make sure you’re changing with it.

4. Alt Tag Optimization – This can be provide to you to do, or you can just let us handle these little fixes, sometimes we fine a website might not have any images and then we have to have you work on that with us, but no extra cost, this is part of the service.

5. Heading Tag Optimization – This is a lot like “Alt Tag” again if it is needed we can tell you where and how, and if the site can handle the look of it, if it cannot we might be able to get it to work.

6. Anchor Text Optimization We need to use an anchor text once on each page if we can, and if we can, it is done for you or you can do it.

7. Competitor Analysis: Yes

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