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Optimizing your Mobile Website

Optimizing your Mobile Website

In addition to the web designers and web developers, the search engine optimization team also needs to revamp their strategy to be able to effectively capture the growing market of smart phone users.

Mobile based internet users are growing day by day and they are increasingly becoming an important segment of the market. Mobile search follows a slightly different set of rules and hence it is also important for you to customize factors which influence SEO on mobile for best results.
Here are some crucial rules that you need to take into consideration –

1. Shortening your Keywords:
A lot of thought and analysis pertaining to internet user behaviour goes into implementing a successful optimization strategy. It is now common knowledge that people who use search engines on their smart phones tend to use shorter key phrases while making searches. In spite of evolving technologies with respect to keypad designs, typing longer phrases on a handset becomes quite an inconvenience resulting in more compressed search phrases.

Most often, these phrases will not be more than one or two words long. Mobile based ranking systems also tend to be a lot more competitive thus it is important to ensure you are not missing out on any mobile traffic.

2. Niche Information:
It is highly unlikely that mobile users will make detailed searches on their smart phones. Very few internet users will plan holidays through their handsets. Mobile based searches typically revolve around quick and easy information such as weather, financial information, local eateries, movie timings etc.

Timing and location is the crux of every search result that your target audience expects.

For example, if you are a restaurant, you need to consider creating a parallel mobile friendly portal which offers basic information such as timings, menu and making reservations.

3. Localization of Search:
In addition to targeting shorter keywords, the apt way to capture the internet market on the mobile is by locally targeting the searchers. It is more likely that your audience will choose to surf the internet on his or her handset to get directions to the local ATM or reviews on a nearby restaurant. Searches such as ‘ATM 36th Street’ are quite common on mobile based search engines .

4. The Influence of Hardware on Search Results:
A crucial consideration to make is the simple fact that people prefer not to scroll or navigate too much to get to the information that they are looking for. While being on the top 5 or 10 results on a search engine of a standard may suffice your internet marketing goals; the smaller screen on handsets compel websites to get a little more aggressive and focus on placing themselves on the top 3 for best results.

In addition to these basic considerations, you need to work hard towards creating a technically correct mobile website for your brand. With unique design norms, it is important for you to create an experience which isn’t very different from standard browsing and yet functional and easy to use on a handset. Accomplish this and you will be able to create as much success through your mobile marketing initiatives as you have through your overall internet marketing strategies.

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