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On Page Seo Software – WordPress Seo Plugin

On Page Seo Software – WordPress Seo Plugin
On Page SEO is all about making content as search engine friendly as possible and on page SEO software can help with this. Of course no software (including the search engines ) can actually understand your content and it is important that it reads well and is valuable to your visitors. As a result you should expect guidance from the software rather than it making changes on its own.

There are many products and services that will assess your pages and report on the standard of your on page SEO but I particularly like a WordPress SEO plugin called SEOPressor. This has the advantage of being well integrated into WordPress and working automatically when a page or post is saved or updated. It analyses the on page SEO , gives it a percentage score and tells you how to improve it.

As this happens when you save and the results are prominently displayed, it is hard to ignore. As a result it is difficult not to take action to improve the score and in fact this is the ideal time to do so whilst the subject is still fresh in the mind. A side effect of doing this is that you quickly start to learn how to write content which gets a high score in the first place. For example after a while you will automatically use the keyword early in the first sentence.

In the absence of any on page SEO software you would ideally create a checklist and manually run through this each time you write or amend a page or post. Unfortunately this is a rather tedious task that few people will do thoroughly, it is actually a task ideally suited to automation.

On Page SEO involves selecting a keyword (or phrase) and using this keyword throughout the page or post in the right places. However, care must be taken not to overdo it as this “keyword” stuffing can have negative consequences. SEOPressor undertakes the following for you:

* Analyses Title, H1, H2 and H3 tags.
* Analyses Keyword Density and Content Length.
* Analyses the Exact Placement of Your Keyword.
* Analyses Images and Links.
* Analyses Font Decorations.

In addition it can (if configured to do so):

* Intelligently Bold, Italize and Underline your keywords.
* Intelligently add ALT Tag to your images.

If you get the above right your on page SEO will be better than most other websites so you will need less backlinks to get a high ranking.

As you can see there are a lot of factors to think about to achieve good on page SEO and SEOPressor can be a valuable tool to help. Click Here to learn more.

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