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Offline Content Marketing WarriorTraining Off-Line Marketing Consultants Only! US Consumers Spend .2 Billion a Year on Plumbing Services! Get Started On Your Six-Figure Income This Week By Helping Your Local Plumber Get a Share Of That! If you listen to all the hype surrounding local search marketing, you’re probably trying to find out the exact location to Easy Street. Sorry buddy, contrary to what you’ve heard, local businesses are not going to come knocking on your door with their pockets full of cash. If you are busy knocking your head against a wall trying to get folks to return your calls you probably understand that about now. You may know about SEO , on-page and off-page optimization or link building. That’s not going to get you enough traction with women and men out on the front lines of small businesses. What you need is to be well armed with the information that’s going to get you an appointment and then a sale. Let’s face it folks, love ain’t no battlefield; leads generation is! Although local businesses need your help in a variety of services from online leads generation to securing their online reputation, getting a foot in the door is the number one problem faced by most off-line marketing consultants. If you’ve ever sat across from a small business owner and outlined what it would take to get his business up on the Internet, only to have him look at you with a questioning deer in the headlights stare; you understand the difficulty that face off-line marketing presentations
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