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NuFormer 3D Video Mapping Projection on Buildings | Impressive and stylish projections on buildings, a renewing way of communicating. For those who want to carry out a message in a striking and visually attractive way with guaranteed exposure: 3D Projection on buildings is the communication tool of 2009, and what an impact! NuFormer Digital Media develops high-skill 3D video mapping projections. These 3D projections will be custom-made to fit any specific building and will be exposed by a battery of powerful projectors. Please note that this is a simulation which shows the creative possibilities. The live performance can be found here:

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  1. Nuformer

    We indeed work with very large projectors, of up to 30,000 ansi lumens. They are video projectors, but they do not project in 3D. The 3D illusion is created by using a 3D model of the building or? object as the basis of the creative content.

  2. Morrisman1996

    These? cool projections work by using a special 3D mapping projector, which scans the architecture of the building and then displays the awesome images you see onto the building. Of course these images need to be created digitally and programmed into he projector beforehand.

  3. vadavoda1

    ????? 3d mapping show, ????? ???????, ???????, ?????????????? ????? ???????? ? ?????-?????????? ????????????? ???, ??????????? ????? ?????? ?????? +7(812)9846000

  4. FurnitureFan

    Because the queue isn’t long enough without advertising??

  5. kristianbailey007

    what projector was used??

  6. djhowieb85

    Im setting up a Club Night I would love to use this. Do any of you guys know how this is done? I? dont have a clue but I think its the bomb!

  7. unrooolie

    Disneyland needs to? do this to the haunted mansion

  8. sniperacs

    >>QUOTE: 12 dislikes? Really? — “I don’t know,? man, I’ve just always? fuckin hated buildings.”<< FUKINTASTIKC COMMENT!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! lol

  9. billustrator

    Kick Ass?

  10. niggakilla911


  11. hakuna1234ta

    I think? this guys have a tool for projection mapping channel name teknoreality

  12. BigMTBrain

    – Yes, it’ll be? fun at first, then you’ll be crying, “Newspaper ads, then radio ads, then TV ads, then Internet ads, then YouTube ads, now projected ads everywhere on our daily walk to work, at the mall, etc. WHERE DOES IT END, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD?!?” Hahaha… You can count on ads being the main use when the tech gets to that stage. Again, it’ll be cool at first, but, like ads in general, very annoying when they come at you when you’d rather not be bothered.

  13. poulet7

    this stuff is so cool. i cant wait till this starts to get normalized. when we see things like this in our daily walk to work, the mall,? etc.

  14. BaNy551

    need this for my room xD?

  15. gavrokk

    they should? do one of these with zombies in a town, people would freak the fuck out 😀

  16. 6thcase

    I? want to see 15 people do this better. Obviously when somebody dislikes a video is because they think they can do it better, but for me, this stuff just blows my freaking mind!

  17. foccacina

    I know its by astroid galexy tour! or something? like that

  18. nunspa

    ::blinks::: WTF….

  19. TravisEngland222

    technology:making it so everyone can have? an acid trip 🙂

  20. MrAndra995

    if anyone could tell me who sings this song or that song is called … it really is too good, and the video? have to say, comments are superfluous …

  21. makeiteasyable


  22. ginobrenni

    Erinneret mi grad widr as? Bundeshus vergangene Novämber! Eifach gail!

  23. xlr81

    wicked stuff!!? 😉

  24. SparrowhawkDeRaelia

    htt p: //? lmgtfy. com /?q=nuformer+3d+video+mapping+projection

    Remove the spaces.

  25. thevented

    Please somebody will you send me links? on how this gets setup PLEASE That will be AWESOME THANKS!