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New SEO Forum Profile Backlinks Tool

New SEO Forum Profile Backlinks Tool – Just launched – Get hundreds and thousands of backlinks – unbelievable launch price (.99)!!!
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  1. hotkeywordspy

    We promote responsible use of automation.? You are welcome to your opinion Sean. Having said that, this software will get 1000’s of backlinks, that stick only through responsible use. So anyone looking to Spam Sean’s forums (which I don’t know are included in the list of forums we provide or not) is wasting their time.

  2. MancSeanUK

    This software and others like it is why forum owners like myself disable the profile screens for newbies and plugins that check emails and IP addresses of known spammers.? And if I do get hit with a spammer, then I add their details to the growing list of known spammers etc.

    Waste of money this software!