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NetBeans REST Web Services, Building and Deploying (Part 1)

NetBeans REST (Representational State Transfer) is a simple architectural style for WebServices.

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  1. jmike111

    I have the same problem also. Tried several different configurations of the RESTful services and different browsers and am using 7.0.1.? It doesn’t work.

  2. agungpratama2008

    i have followed? this tutorial. But i want to deploy my .war file into glassfih service without starting the netbeans. I have done in serveral ways, but at the end, i get error all the time. Does anyone knows?
    Thanks in advance, sorry for my bad english 😀

  3. MadeInChennai90

    I’m having the same problem… did you ever find a? solution?

  4. pakistanzindabada

    where is? REST!! i couldnt find it in my net beans 6.7.1

  5. ferma576

    Thank God I’m moving on to my mobile client-server application…? This is very helpful since RESTful WS is perfect for bandwidth limited devices like mobile phones…

  6. MrAndres

    i try to do it, but don´t work. when i clic “test rest srevice” the web browser firefox opens,? and said “Select a node on the navigation bar (on the left side of this page) to test.” and all the page is in blank.

  7. componavt

    Do you have any tutorial about? REST services, but without DB and entity classes created from the database?

  8. dani82mia

    Very usefull video!Compliments! I have a problem that I hope? you could solve. I have Netbeans 6.5 full version Mac OSX and glassfish. I did the same things you did in the video but when I test the RESTful the browser can’t find the WADL! Could you help me?

  9. Tickefilm

    Do u know the code to build a chat in a online? game?

  10. webgirly44

    a great example of a great web 2.0 social networking web site is? GAGLA dot com….i just discovered it and i think i’ll be using it for all my social networking needs from now…