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My FAVORITE Way to Get 1st Page Google Index Overnight! (A Blogging Trick You Will Love!)

My FAVORITE Way to Get 1st Page Google Index Overnight! (A Blogging Trick You Will Love!)

Who else wants to know how to create content for your blogs super fast? And no….I’m not talking about using RSS feeds, or article aggregation or other controversial methods that some people find a bit gray hat, or shady. I’m talking about content that your readers will love, that Google gobbles up and LOVES to index and rank almost immediately and that literally only takes me about 5 minutes per post to do. (and contrary to lots of those “guru” tips you’ve got to pay for, this is dead simple and free to boot!)

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All I really do is this: I write down a series of 15 premium and valuable 3 word keyword phrases I want to rank for on a sheet of paper, and place it next to my computer. Take the first phrase and Google it. Take a look at the top 5 results and find the most interesting one.

(these are sites Google already has determined are “authorities” on this particular phrase and this is an important part of this strategy)

Now, you are going to want to “clip” some content from this site and post it on YOUR blog. I find the browser “Flock” works amazingly well for this -it’s free and very similar to Firefox but with TONS of built in social networking advantages for this sort of stuff. (but there are lots of services that will do this if you prefer a different browser) All you really have to do is drag your mouse over the text you want, right click and choose “blog this” from the browser menu.

The content you clipped? It will go into a little poster window, and is ready to be remotely posted to whatever blog you want. (and have set up to work with the browser – don’t sweat this part if it sounds complicated, it’s not, I promise… you’ll see when you try it)

Change the TITLE in the poster window to include the keyword phrase that you were targeting above, and then add something cool, unique or interesting in the title. (I like to ask a question, or say something provocative because it helps CTR in the search engines later)

Add an introductory paragraph ABOVE the clipped text, describing the content of the post you “borrowed” and then tell the reader they can check out the full post by clicking on the link below. (which Flock will auto magically hard code for you BACK to the original blog you are mentioning)

Hit post….and that’s it! You will now have a blog post on YOUR blog, with your introductory paragraph, the clipped text, AND your own keyword rich title. And you’ll have a link back to the original author, which they will really appreciate as well. Plus you’ll most likely have a TRACKBACK link on the original blog post as well…giving you an extra link from their blog to yours!

I like to “ping” a few directories and blog search tools as an extra little bonus…..but by and large that’s all there is to it! (you can do 8 or 10 of these an hour for different blogs, and it’s amazing how well this works for content creation AND for creating real access to real resources that your readers will love to boot!)


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