Home Videos MiniX NEO X5 Google TV BOX Review part 2

MiniX NEO X5 Google TV BOX Review part 2

Here is another review for NEO X5 Google TV BOX. NEO X5 is a box-size MINI PC, not like other tv stick, it has the ethernet port, and 3 usb port, also it has…

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7 Responses

  1. KenDaJerk

    how would you set this up to work with your cable?

  2. reas267

    THats awesome has power button

  3. David Walker

    Has anyone tried Skype with a combo camera/micro? I got the micro working
    but the X5 seems to ignore the camera component.

  4. Luke Timms

    You wouldn’t need cable with this. Internet has it all, and xbmc is amazing.

  5. putreskakupal

    @luke..hows xbmc with this? Running 1080p or 720 no buffer?

  6. Lorne Hammond

    I can’t get left click to work in most games, i can launch the game but in
    Rayman Jungle Run for example there is no input so I can’t click play.
    Whats wrong with this thing?

  7. undead999

    voice over or even screen text would really help