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Minecraft – The Experience – More House Building – Episode 20

Didn’t see Episode 19? Here’s a link! Seed for the world: 6572738091084349181 Texture Pack: The Minecraft Experience – Episode 20 – More House Building ——————————————— Follow me on Twitter: Like my Facebook fanpage! Get your awesome T-Shirts! ——————————————– Extra Tags: MINECRAFT LET’S PLAY 1.2.5 LP MINECRAFT HOW TO INSTALL MODS MINECRAFT XBOX 360 PS3 CONSOLE MINECRAFT NEW TEXTURE PACKS FREE MINECRAFT FREE HOW TO GET 1.2.5 theend04500 minecraft theend04500 minecraft theend04500 minecraft Episode 205.wmv Episode 208.wmv “minecraft” “minecraft lets play” lp “minecraft the experience” episode 20 More House Building thesyndicateproject syndicate “the minecraft project” experience theend004500 theend full version how to install mods 1 2 5 xbox 360 playstation 3 ps3 how to get minecraft for free 1 2 5 theend04500 minecraft
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23 Responses

  1. TheZnagy07

    What’s the texture? pack

  2. RileyJ1754

    Build an? underwater base

  3. 27YinYang

    IVAN, Make iron armor?

  4. 27YinYang

    Look in the description…?

  5. Fspirit01

    with texture pack? is this?

  6. 15jonpaa

    Hey Ivan, is there? a way to get creative mode on X-box?

  7. awsomeguybob

    When I used to? see horror films I would be terrified for about 3 days then just forget about it or realize I was scared about the stupidest part about the movie.

  8. TheMrvideogamerguy

    Come on Ivan, I know you were really busy during E3 week but it seems like your forgetting about? the Minecraft people. Please upload MOAR MC!

  9. Shadowbeast8o8

    I remember all those bodys and that song? got stuk in my head

  10. FPSGamingFM

    A lot of? monsters spawn on da Xbox 360 version

  11. TheReecegators

    “I dont wanna piss him off. Lets piss? him off” lol

  12. TheReecegators

    Make a bottom? room…. a puppy room!

  13. TheReecegators

    Ivan, can we expect another game like Battle? L.A? That was literally the funniest series I have seen on youtube

  14. TheReecegators

    1:10? oh my gawd Ivan is actually Jesus!

  15. TheReecegators

    I I? I dont understand?

  16. TheFinnishBadger

    ok descript…?

  17. TheFinnishBadger

    what? texture pack?

  18. kronos0316

    5 days and no? minecraft 🙁

  19. 1080pmedia

    Hey guys, we? are giving away FREE video games ( Medal of Honor Warfighter, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Watch Dogs, Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, Battlefield 3, Fifa 2012 and MANY others ). Check out our channel NOW.

  20. bono kova?

    i like your Minecraft videos and i would be happy when you would upload minecraft videos more often? 🙂

  21. sambman1

    Everyother day??

  22. sambman1

    Wheres? the next episode ive been waiting?

  23. themuffinman9867

    29.35 scared? the shit out of me