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Minecraft Mods 37 – Obsidian Tools

I show you the Obsidian Tools Mod. This mod allows you to make things out of obsidian. Overall I think it is pretty cool. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed. Please take a second to leave a comment and Subscribe Thanks. Follow me Twitter: Link to Forum with the mod:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses

  1. akatoku100

    nice? mods. too bad i dont have pc version. only xbox.

  2. luis carlos

    its a? mod jerk

  3. blackwatch232

    thats? fake

  4. darkone393

    why the? fuck the tools are purple

  5. FunnyFace710

    Ur mouth? is so close to the mic it gives me a headche but overall good video on mod

  6. TheRealH2dut

    nezzera intro. ? I only know that kuz roblox

  7. grrih8u

    why are you so fucking? cclose to the mic

  8. 125Videos

    I’m guessing you installed the mod wrong. ?

  9. amber7829

    when i put the obsidian? on the crafting bench nothing comes out…any suggestions?

  10. 125Videos

    This mod is currently updated for? 1.2.5

  11. amber7829

    will this? (making tools) work for 1.2.5?

  12. xxXXArnold99XXxx

    For that,there is:
    2.Singleplayer Commands
    4.Diamond Pickaxes.

  13. elicreepah

    @bluesax11 wrong it’s a mineral with a glassy look made from lava cooled so quickly crystals don’t have time to form :3 in real life it’s quite fragile? though….

  14. deathlegacy08

    To complicated? how will u get that much obsidian

  15. orophisis

    this mod is fucking? awesome.

  16. Andrei Nohai

    will the lightsaber mine? bedrock?

  17. paulaugustinecalma12

    I will make? a Obsidian Generator and RULE THE WORLD ! >:)

  18. k1ll10NAR3270

    mine keeps crashing? plz help!

  19. Rhusker88

    …more like? the obsidian everything mod…

  20. darkspore1215


  21. superbattledroids

    can it? break bedrock?

  22. IamOSSIMman


  23. Tanatious15

    Damn I was too late? I saw going to make the obsidian sword… FUCK!