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Minecraft Let’s Build – a English Tudor Style House!

Hello Adventurer and welcome to the first of a new series of Let’s Build videos by myself Mikee. I hope you enjoy the video, if you do click the Like button below. Please tell me what you think in the comments, and if you have a idea / suggestion / challenge for the next build do let me know. Download this Build: Link for the Texture pack: Song used: Clicky stuff: Website: Twitter Facebook: Google+: Steam: Ventrillo Server! IP: Port number: 5000 Password: youslack Thanks for watching!
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24 Responses

  1. TomHGameplay

    pure bd craft?

  2. Austin Kocher

    I build this? house on my I pod just like your to the t

  3. TheRisenDragon

    What was the texture pack you? were using at first?

  4. undeadgamer79

    Nice video love your build it’s Awaome can? you make a bar or tavern

  5. Monk Giatso

    looks like? a skyrim house

  6. MrAdamdynamite

    could you make a modern day villa?

  7. MrAdamdynamite

    you sound like a young russel brand?

  8. AngryBoyBmx

    Since when have? English people ever had blue roofing

  9. TanEpicGamers760


  10. sweetboykaz

    why is the water so epic my is normal i use the same texture? pack S:

  11. spikecheese13

    Why is the roof? blue???

  12. coolrockman44

    Friend I have a tip which is to use Dokucraft High for? more fancy and medieval looking builds.I have some experience with using the texture pack so I know! You don’t have to if you don’t want to but it’s a tip Mikee.

  13. Brandon McCoy-Maple

    did any 1 else copy this?

  14. funnyguy12361

    you kinda? sound like russel brand

  15. MrSpeedDraw

    Hey, I’ve just received a free Minecraft Giftcode!? You can get one too! — —

  16. MinecraftCrafterMan

    Hello youtube, I am a building a city for the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft, I am looking for builders with pretty good skills. So far I have? 9 houses and an awesome nightclub, your ideas do not have to be origional so if you would like to build in my server please send me a friend request, my GT is Fuel Fusion.

  17. Baillie Grant

    Build a game? room!

  18. MrKody11

    Build your? house

  19. TenaciousTimGaming

    Russell Brand!?!?

  20. wdstark

    I agree DukoCraft is the best texture pack ever. My favorite version is? the geroduko!

  21. wateverzgoindown

    It’s? crap the texture pack is easier on the eyes

  22. DannyJ1999

    Around 3:10, was he on about syndicates? castle???

  23. rhys young

    build a? village