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Metal Fabrication Welding Table – Build Pro Table by StrongHand Tools Metal Fabrication goes Better and Faster with a BuildPro Welding Table from Stronghand Tools…This thing is Awesome for metal fab and modular fixturing of anything… Especially short production runs. Need something to be straight and flat? Need to clamp odd shaped parts? Clamps can be used with one hand.
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  1. alexpoz09

    Its lust like getting new truck you should park it in the? streen and wait for the nabor kid to come along with his bike and put scratch in it

  2. tcseacliff

    the 30′ is over 3 grand on amazon. the three axis? clamp $400. not sure how much the tooling packages would bump it up!

  3. l0keman

    There is? a reason he hasn’t answered the 20 people asking how much it costs.

  4. ColtDeltaElite10mm

    Nice table, but…… Stronghand products are outrageously expensive for a home DIYer fabricator. For the professional welder, I can see? its value. However, I’m perfectly content with my 1/4″ thick 3’x5′ steel table I made with casters on it. It’s 1/10″ the cost of the Stronghand table and is all a home fabricator would need. Spend the money on metal or consumables, not that Stronghand table. Just my own opinion. Excellent presentation video Jody.

  5. shooterm24sniper

    How much? does it cost


    Thanks a lot for taking the time to put this helpful? videos together.

  7. rvb01


    First, thanks for your site and your videos. They are awesome and have helped me a lot. You keep mentioning the tooling package that came with your table. My wife bought me the table for Christmas (YES SHE IS AWESOME!!!) and I want to get the tooling. Can you tell if there is a specific package or? did you specify certain tools you wanted?



  8. sbjennings99

    Cool Informational? Video Y’alls!!!

  9. austntexan

    Jody, just wanted to say thanks for your website and all your fantastic posts to YT. ? This is such a help to everyone. Thanks again.

  10. RICH29637

    got the wee? portable one at home would consider getting the big one if it not too expensive

  11. Takuan66

    How much with all the accessories!?

  12. ions82

    Very true. The BuildPro is a bargain when compared to the competitors. Similar tables and tooling from other companies cost about 4-5 times what the BuildPro does. Despite that? fact, there are still companies that purchase multiple tables because of advantage that modular fixturing can provide. The stuff from BuildPro isn’t quite as nice as the competition, but it’s a MUCH better value. Welding skill will make more of a difference than the difference in quality between tables.

  13. xxkissxxlovexxbabyxx

    how much is this whole package in canadian$?

  14. my1956effie

    Neat? table

  15. locojeff

    This table is very affordable against anything else out there to its? like comparison. See for yourself by contacting Strong Hand Tools and request a catalog and price list.

  16. CRJarvis

    it was? good until you gave me ADHD by talking about ADHD. lol

  17. littlestworkshop

    I like machining but there is something cool about welding, if you are only machining and break a tap you need an EDM it out or to start again,? with a welder just grind that sucker out and rebuild, at least in some cases. Hang on, I never normally say sucker, I’m watching too many of your videos! 😉

  18. Llepsdog

    I can already think of ways? this would make certain jobs a lot easier. Id just be too afraid of the other shifts not being very accurate with hammers and grinders around it 🙁

  19. DustenDee

    Nice table…………..very expensive though?

  20. vndnda

    Very? gooooood!!

  21. Cryptocracyz101

    nice table mon, i need? one..!

  22. jstrunck

    Neat? Table!

  23. ncrdisabled

    Wow which I had the? bucks to buy one!! Being disabled on SSDI sucks not enough
    dough to buy a decent mig welder or a nice table like that!!


  24. bozzza69

    Good work Jody keep up the? awsome vids

  25. CoolasIce2

    I’m sure it costs? a pretty penny.