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Meg Energy Home Generator – Zero Energy Point – Off the Grid

The MEG Generator is an electromagnetic device without moving parts, which includes a permanent magnet and a magnetic core. The core includes two circuits (magnetic paths) which are alternatively pulsed in order to provide induced current pulses in the output coils. Driving electrical current through each of the input coils reduces a level of flux from the permanent magnet within the magnet path around which the input coil extends. The pulsing is critical, in accessing the Zero-Point Energy, and in using The Fifth Element aspect of repeatedly getting into the system for energy extraction and out again before it has to pay the energy conservation price. Is this the end of the internal combustion engine? Will we finally be able to drive past gas stations with a friendly wave and a honking horn? Will we be disconnecting from the power grid or even selling power back to the electric company? We’re about to find out. Note: Elected representatives regard their constituents’ comments with a high degree of respect – If you are sending an email be sure to enter: American Energy Independence into the subject line. Here are links that will provide you with your representatives name and address: American Energy Independence Day 2008 – America Get Involved! www.AmericanEnergyIndependence
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24 Responses

  1. TheYotamaster

    Wait till the shit hits the? fan and the world is coming to a end then they would wish they still had their machine. Their 30 mil wont be worth shit. Free energy will never come to fruition as long as there is big oil.

    “Who is John Gault”!!!!!!

  2. adam3141

    No, “I” have not whipped you but you have been whipped by your so called zero point heroes of this world, who are probably living in some mansion thinking “hahahahaha, they really believe this shit I’m saying….. What a bunch of morons”

    Go set up some therapy group entitled “I’ve been scammed anonymous”

    Funny thing with bees now, annoy them and they’ll sting. I sure hope you don’t? get stung.

    Are you going to KNOCK me away now!!!!

  3. adam3141

    Have I bruised your big ego just a? tad.

    You don’t know anything beyond what Stan Meyer and Tom Beardon want you to believe.

    If you really believe this stuff – like me I would like to believe this stuff (I did say that I am open minded). Maybe you should explain (rather than be dismissive) it otherwise you are just another person who is a follower of possible scam artists.

  4. NaDopros

    I’m done with ass-holes, like you. Get the hell away, now:? go troll somewhere else.

  5. NaDopros

    You think that ” I ” have been whipped by you,? you ass-hole!
    You’re just a damn bee buzzing around here: go troll somewhere else, you fucked up asshole. Get the hell away, or I will KNOCK you away!

  6. NaDopros

    Piss off, ass-hole!
    Go? troll somewhere else.

  7. MrManboobie

    What? That’s what I said Stan!? You know what I mean.

  8. adam3141

    There is also no conspiracy theory and reports of inventors being killed for what they know. Talk of conspiracy helps these scammers to get more money.

    Just stop and have a good hard think about that.

    Hang on, if these people are being killed then we should thank them because we already use free energy because hey, it costs a lot less to build these devices? then mining coal, or drilling for oil.

    Don’t you agree?

  9. adam3141

    The fact is, the world needs a cleaner energy source and people? like Tom Beardon,? John Hutchison, Stan Meyers, John Bedini, John Searl and others like them do an injustice by purporting to have invented free energy devices when all they want is money.

  10. adam3141

    Have you built the MEG. Have you built anything that can be classified as a “Zero Point” energy device and had it work.

    I am going to make the assumption that? you have not and that you want to cling to these scam artists who say that they have discovered free energy.

    I am a scientist and an engineer by nature. I am an open minded person as opposed to others who dismiss claims of alternative energy.

  11. adam3141

    Take a look at John Hutchison’s video of his so called levitating objects and melting metals. What you see is a close up of objects dancing around the table and metals turning to liquid.

    It does not take a genius? to figure out that the guy was turning his video camera upside down and using magnets to hold stuff on his garage ceiling.

    The metal he uses is a low melting point metal, called Woods metal which melts at 70 degrees C – all you need is hair dryer to melt it.

  12. adam3141

    Wow – talk about flopping on the ground when you’ve been licked…

    The fact is, I have done my research. I have looked into many different people claiming to? have discovered free energy and the one thing that comes out is lack of evidence. Some like to show their videos of their devices but still abstract away the heart of it so to speak. Why – because the heart of their device is usually a battery to provide the extra work or magnets.

  13. NaDopros

    Don’t be lazy. Do your own research. Nobody is going to prove anything to a know-it-all, like you. Just do your own? research. I could care less what YOUR conclusions are. okay, there, Sparky? Now, just go and buzz around some other bush, instead.

  14. adam3141

    There is no proof and without proof I can not blindly say that the MEG works. All we have is the word of Tom Beardon that it does.

    And by proof, I mean a totally exposed device with two? oscilloscopes displaying the current & voltage waveform of the input and the other oscilloscope displaying the current and voltage waveform of the output with a load that draws more energy than the input.

    Then I will believe but until that time I remain skeptical of any free energy device

  15. NaDopros

    Actually, this sergheiadrian is? forgetting that, in Nature, there are few-if-any CLOSED-LOOP SYSTEMS! His question is wrong, also. A better question (or statement) says that “power must come from SOMEWHERE”. Tesla “tapped into” that “somewhere”.
    Earth’s atmosphere is FULL of energy.

  16. NaDopros

    You are making a flawed assumption, though. You “phrasing”,? though, was right: YOU can’t get out more than YOU put in. But, you are disregarding the fact that we’re not dealing with a closed-loop system, here.
    For much the same reason that photo-voltaic systems have a COP of > 1
    (In fact, their COP is INFINITY: output divided by 0 HUMAN input = infinity)
    (Or, in other words, anything divided by zero is infinity).

  17. NaDopros

    Un saludo, desde EE. UU., jhonny.
    A propósito, hay un inventor argentino cuyo invento casi estaba listo para ser manufacturado (fabricado), hace un año.? Hasta tenía un sitio de Internet aquel inventor, pero hoy día nada se puede aprender del argentino…. aparentemente, desapareció, hasta CON su invento.
    (Su invento se llamó “El Torian III”…o, simplemente, TORIAN III)
    (Aún se ve el video del mismo nombre, por acá, en YouTube.)

  18. NaDopros

    Well, you can? still start a “mini-revolution”: one person at a time.
    Viva la revolución!

  19. jhonny1392

    I know what you mean, believe me. But this time all seems to point out? this one is a fake. However, other similar devices does really work as they claim; and that’s a fact!. Moreover, there is a small village in Europe that gets all its energy from a similar device; and have been doing since the mid 90 !. Did you know that ?.
    Also colud be, these guys have accepted the money for their silence. But this is something we’ll never know, right ?. Greetings from Chile.

  20. MultiGazman

    If thats all you have to say then you have nothing to? say. goodbuy lmao

  21. healthjunkie1

    Yes, there is a war going on right now between light and? dark. The dark want you to be enslaved, while the light is here in more numbers now. The truth is, the dark has already lost, and more and more will come out with what has always been your free right.

  22. adam3141

    His brilliance is yet to be proven…

    The MEG of course will never work because the two sets of coils he uses to shunt the magnetic flux around the core would require slightly more energy than you? would get out of the device.

    You seriously can’t get more energy out than you put in.

  23. NaDopros

    After the brilliant American inventor, Stanley (aka, STAN) MEYER supposedly died of a brain aneurysm, while meeting with Top Officials from NATO, at a PUBLIC RESTAURANT, his research (including the HHO-powered? vehicle Stan had engineered) were all confiscated: while Meyer’s body was still warm, in the morgue!

  24. NaDopros

    BESIDES, it is a little known fact that the U.S. Patent? Office (for one) is a private for-profit corporation. It is not even an arm of the U.S. Government. I wonder how things work, in Australia. Similar, or different?