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Marcus Mariota, #8, Senior Football Highlights, Class of 2011, Saint Louis High School

Marcus Mariota, #8, Senior Football Highlights, Class of 2011, Saint Louis High School created the Senior Football Highlights of Marcus Mariota, #8, Saint Louis High School, Class of 2011
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  1. TheBurninator50

    Kid’s got one of the livest arms I’ve seen. Probably shouldn’t do a lot of jump cutting at the? next level, but he’ll learn that after he gets hit a couple times. Get what you can and get down, and live to see the next play. If he stays healthy he’s gonna be a star.

  2. marinz4life

    Totally? agree. I was at a recent summer conditioning practice at the University of Oregon and this kid’s touch is amazing. There was a play where he pinpointed a flare out between the defenders and his teammates clapped for him after making the pass! Never seen anything like it. Brian Bennett is by no means not a great player in his own right, but I would bet that barring injury Marcus will be Oregon’s quarterback going into the 2012-2013 season.

  3. InTheHezzayyy

    epic? music hahahaha


    Because? US don’t think Hawaii can’t into 5 stars


    Can’t? wait until the season starts

  6. fr0s7y67

    Not only a great player but a great human being, solid? citizen, 4.0 student. No weed smoking car rides in his future friends.

  7. fr0s7y67

    You’re looking at the? greatest quarterback in Oregon history right here.

  8. unirrational

    Well, he looked insanely good in the Spring game and by all reports is? doing well in practices too. Did you see that long TD run?

  9. unirrational

    I’ve watched Mariota a few times in these highlight videos but more importantly in the Oregon Spring game. Wow!

    This kid can run like a deer, can hit receivers in stride from the pocket or from a dead run to either side, looks off receivers, and uses the whole field. He is deadly accurate too.

    How he? was not a 5 star rated QB out of HS is beyond me. Mariota can do it all.

  10. princejames6

    3:38 did the reciever at the top not get the memo that the? play has started?

  11. michael corey

    could only be 2 years, he can go? pro after his redshirt soph. year. hope not though.

  12. zathomas1930

    I just watched the? Oregon Spring scrimmae and this kid has talent. He looked better than Bennett in te scrimmage

  13. VinnyKnuckles

    I see the future,? and it is good.

  14. craniak716

    I respect your opinion, but having just watched a few highlights of the Oregon Spring Game today Marcus Mariota’s talent is heightened by the fact? that he is 6-4 and 200lbs and runs a 4.4 40 yd dash. No one at the college level is as big and fast at the position. Bennett can’t make the throws Mariota will prove he can. His speed is explosive and his arm gives new meaning to the word “canon.”

  15. 21SDCharger

    just imagine marcus and deanthony in the same backfield. and? kenjon and all the speedy recievers Oregon has

  16. 21SDCharger

    hes? a redshirt freshman

  17. rdelrinc

    Why does everyone think he will beat out Bennet? It is extremely difficult for a freshman to come in and start, especially at the QB position. Bennet has a lot of game-time experience and that is incredibly important in the mental and physical development of a QB. Experience is also very valuable to a QB’s confidence and awareness. Mariota is obviously insanely talented but he will? need some experience to be able to adjust to the speed of the game and the intricacies of the offense and defense.

  18. bajacore

    He looks good in this video. He also had a good receiving corps, which makes any QB look good. Thankfully? the Ducks have a good group of receivers and speed players. He’ll do just fine after a season as a starter, assuming he beats out Bennett. If he ends up as a back up I won’t be too worried if Bennett goes down. Go Ducks!!!

  19. wheatonspick

    Mariota will win at least one Heisman at Oregon and one National Championship? for Oregon. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  20. michael corey

    I think if Kelley stated Mariota was pushing Bennett for no. 2 last year, he was sand bagging. If you have Thomas and a capable Bennett as a backup, why would you throw away a years eligibility of Mariota by playing him instead of Bennett. Mariota just may have? been better in Kelley’s eyes but did not play him so he could redshirt him. Mariota has lived and breathed this style of offense. He will take to it like a duck to water…….

  21. KillaifyKing

    i would love to see mariota win the? starting job…

  22. KillaifyKing

    don’t forget the beavers! ?

  23. Jeremy48G

    reminds me of a raw? cam newton

  24. wtfsteroids

    this kid is good bennett’s? gona have some good competition

  25. Hpatel199

    lets hope not four years @wheatonpick i’d hope he enters draft? by then