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Long Tail Search Terms & SEO

Long Tail Search Terms & SEO

If properly researched, the implementation of long tail search terms can be a lucrative tactic in SEO . Generally the more specific a search query is, the easier it is to rank for it if your content mirrors that of the search. For this reason, frequent long tail search rankings can be beneficial to online marketers, as the length of the query is generally relative to the specificity of a want or need. There are many more possibilities when it comes to long tail search terms then there are short keywords or phrases, they just need to be found.

It is worth making a list of the many long tail phrases that you would use in an attempt to get to your website and checking the popularity of each potential phrase with analytic services. Most services will also be able to suggest a list of related long tail keywords while providing the respective number of searches for each. This simplifies the process of deciding which terms to feature in your content. However, purveyors of Online Marketing would do well to ask themselves if each term will provide a worthwhile amount of qualified traffic.

One of the most convenient ways of discovering lucrative keywords is through producing quality content. Consistently relevant content is one of the tenets of all SEO and as the amount of content increases you might find yourself ranking for phrases that you wouldn’t have anticipated. In order to benefit from ‘accidental’ keywords you should use analytics to discover the more niche search terms used to arrive at your website and incorporate them into your content if they are found to be popular.

It might be worth creating a FAQ page for your service or product.

This will enable you to feature key phrases in the form of questions and answers, which might be similar in form to specific long tail phrases. The explanatory content following the questions can be populated with relevant keywords. It will then be more likely that users will find you when searching in the question form – as many people do when they are in need of information.

There are dangers in targeting niche audiences with highly specific long tail keywords alone, as your business is reliant on sustainable levels of traffic (and ROI). Research is pivotal; by investing time and effort into discovering the most beneficial long tail phrases you might be able to drive an extra amount of highly targeted traffic to your website. If these phrases are included in a natural, relevant manner, there is little to lose in attempting to capitalise on them.

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