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Lockerz Ptz Generator Version 3.1 **2010** Still Works 100%

This is the new lockerz generator i Made i have gone into the lockerz coding systems and found out how to get the points **Just Pm(private message) me on youtube with your unused email to get the generator. To get this you must 1.Send me an un-used email to me in a youtube private message(IT HAS TO BE UNUSED ON LOCKERZ) 2.You will get a invitation from me soon as possible,accept it 3.When you accept go back to your email and below is a link 4.Click it and download it 5.Enjoy PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND RATE! If you couldent understand my accent then sorry i have just got my 3 back teeth taken out due to some root problems. Here is how to use it 1.Make sure your signed out of 2.Open the generator 3.Type the infomation provided and click generate 4.Log into lockerz 5.Your ptz wont be there yet 6.Open the generator again and repeat number 3 7.Wait one hour 8.Your ptz should be there ! Any problems message me through youtube. Ignore tags: Lockerz hack 100% working no virus_Lockerz macbook pro 100% free no money involved-Lockerz hack 100% working.
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  1. KingfossTV


  2. justinos360

    commented.? thnks

  3. kogame100


  4. immagenious

    Yes, you can buy so much stuff with all the ptz you get from this! I have already received a ps3 and imac with? this method.

  5. Germeni95

    but you? can buy if you have that ptz?

  6. choices2make1

    thx a? bunch

  7. immagenious

    thanks for rating, and im glad 2 help? you out.

  8. lockerzzboy

    Thank you so much for the generator, i have so many? ptz now that i can get almost anything i want!!!! i rated 5 stars.