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Link Building Tool Reviews: Dripable – The best linkbuilding tool I have found By far the most reliable, most versatile linkbuilding tool. No hassle like with most other tools. No capchas, no errors, no pushing… Also – very easy to use – the best interface for a long time. Here is their FAQ Q: Where do I sign up for my FREE trial account for Dripable? A: To sign up and begin your FREE trial service please click on the Free Trial link from the menu or you can do so by clicking here. Q: What forms of payment do you accept? A: Our payment processor accepts various forms of payment. You can purchase the Dripable service with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, E-check, and Moneybookers. Using strong encryption technology making all payments secure online. Q: How many links can I build in my plan? A: You can generate a wide range of backlinks to different urls in each project, our system will pick one randomly. You provide a list of urls and anchor texts, and the Dripable system will pick up one from each list randomly for every backlink built. Q: Why haven’t I received my confirmation email after my purchase? A: If you haven’t received your confirmation email from Dripable after your purchase this is due to your order needing to be confirmed by our payment processor. To expedite this process please call Plimus at 1-866-312-7733 and have your credit card and order reference number available. Once you have completed this process your Dripable confirmation email will be sent. Q: How many of the backlinks created will go
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