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While article marketing is highly esteemed as an earner of very high return on investment, it is also the most cost-effective method of engaging in link building on a website. Link-building itself is vital to all website owners and marketers, as it can have a dramatic effect on website traffic and business sales.

What is the significance of link-building? Most importantly, links into your website increase your rankings in search engines , as each one of the search engines in the market must determine which sites appear when showing the search results and which not. Search engines operate on a complex mathematical formula to assess which websites crop up in search results and the order in which they make their appearance. A prominent factor in the calculation is the number of other websites that include links to the site under evaluation.

As well as helping to improve your website’s score in the arithmetical formulae, link-building creates instant new traffic streams for your site. Because every article that you send out for distribution will have in it a link to your website, it follows that every time that article is posted on another person’s website you have a fresh potential traffic source.

Yes, there is a downside to link-building; the process is a laborious one, and the link is actually the biggest expense that the average site will incur. But you must have one for your marketing to be productive. There are several ways to build links, but the four commonest are article marketing, directory submissions, link requests and press release distribution.

Directory submissions are easy enough to manage, but it is time-consuming researching and locating on-line directories that suit your precise needs. The directories are only of any value to you if they are focused on the same topic to which your website is dedicated.

The link request is a manual process, and it calls for considerable effort. It is incumbent upon you to identify every site from which you wish to seek a link, and then contact the site owner to request that he add a link to your website. The return rate from this course is small.

Press release distribution can certainly have a favorable impact and a good return, but it is costly. The press release distribution agencies charge like wounded bulls for their services.

There are some free distribution services to be found, but they do not allow links, so the value of their “service” is severely limited.

That leaves you with the highly vaunted article marketing, and, quite frankly, article marketing is hard to fault. If you write your own copy you face no expense other than your time, and if you do feel the need to employ a professional writer you will not be up for much expense at all. Distribution of the articles involves simply sending them out to distribution services, most of whom will allow you to incorporate that all important link, and from there something of a snowballing effect takes over. Traffic generation to your website will take you very pleasantly by surprise, make no mistake, and in combination with search engine optimization and social bookmarking you will find yourself part of a business community that has no shop front on High Street and no signage around town – but enjoys as cost-effective a return on investment as one could ever imagine.

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