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Lecrae – Church Clothes (ENTIRE MIXTAPE) FREE DOWNLOAD All Songs

•Here is lecrae’s new mixtape “Church Clothes” With all the songs. • Subscribe to my NEW channel HERE ? ? for more Christian Rap Uploads. • Listen to NEW SONGS from Lecrae’s upcoming album Gravity on my other channel Romans116forever • VISIT For FREE DOWNLOAD OF CHURCH CLOTHES. •Follow me on twiiter HERE Track listing- 1. Co-Sign (Prod by Heat Academy) – 0:00 2. APB ft. Thi’sl (Prod. by Charlie Heat/Sarah J) – 3:10 3. Church Clothes (Prod. by Wit) – 6:41 4. Cold World ft. Tasha Catour (Prod. by Street Symphony) – 9:06 5. Welcome To H-Town ft. Tedashii & Dre Murray (Prod. by Wit) – 12:39 6. Inspiration (Prod. by Wit) – 17:13 7. Rise (Prod. by 9th Wonder) – 19:41 8. Darkest Hour ft. No Malice (Prod. by ThaInnaCircle) – 22:54 9. Black Rose (Prod. by Tyshane) – 25:31 10. The Price of Life ft. Andy Mineo & Co Campbell (Prod. by Symbolyc One “S1”) – 28:27 11. Special ft. Lester “L2” Shaw (Prod. by ThaInnaCircle) – 32:30 12. No Regrets ft. Suzy Rock (Prod. by Big Juice/Street Symphony) – 35:57 13. Gimme A Second (Prod. by Boi-1da) – 39:27 14. Long Time Coming ft. Swoope (Prod. by 9th Wonder) – 43:00 15. Misconception ft. Propaganda, Braille, & Odd Thomas (Prod. by Courtland Urbano) – 46:18 16. Spazz (Prod. by Charlie Heat/Sarah J) – 50:48 17. Sacrifice (Prod. by Red On The Beat/Sarah J) – 54:12 18. Rejects (Prod. by Tha Kracken!) – 58:10 I found another link that has OTHERS try to explain the lyrics to the song CHURCH CLOTHES. Some of

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  1. NumberOneCollegeFan

    Propaganda, Odd Thomas,? and Braille

  2. YoungMajesty3

    Hey Youtube, Check out our page. It has? two? empowerment poems that helps the growth of any individual, and two songs anyone can relate to. Enjoy and post ya’ll thoughts also.:-)

  3. EnamoradaDeJesus7

    This? Is OFFICIAL !!!!!!!!!!!! ;3

  4. ccorey bartholomew

    may the almighty god bless everyone thats responsible for the music and everything to do with the album in the name above all? NAME JESUS!!!!

  5. Oxticus622

    Yeah Mixtapes? are downloaded not bought just incase you didnt know im not sure you realized that or not but now you know have a blessed day

  6. rependergraph23

    Lecrae finally? rapping like he used too

  7. shadowboyzENT

    this wassss soooooo? hard

  8. ImmabeNBA

    Black Rose’ is da best one!
    All for? the glory of God

  9. youngizziofficial

    Great Song ! For more New G.O.O.D Artist Hype checkout my page! Great Great Music!!? Go? to my channel and Check It Out !!!

  10. Churchboy005

    He killed this? track!!!

  11. mrmrsgordon09

    used to rap for the world i one day asked God to show me if im
    misusing my gift he showed up my place that was also the studio
    got robbed every track we created was gone! (fastforward couple yrs later) i left music alone
    started building my relationship w/Christ but bc of my love for music i couldnt just leave her alone so i began to pray “clean my tongue so you can use me” oneday i heard its done! been in it now since 08? im asking for your support? check my channel SEARCH CHURCH B DESPERATE

  12. rj5565123


  13. Jembre89990

    Welcome to H-Town is? my jam!!!

  14. joel lee

    GOD BLESS? !!!

  15. mrmrsgordon09

    search? Church? B Desperate

  16. JAKEJR2able

    LACRAE did it again! Make no mistake… God’s Hand is on him, his music, and his ministry! His stuff is just TIGHT!!! His music……it CROSSES? over, and it does it WITHOUT losing the CROSS!

  17. 19CATO90

    “i hope they stop at the light before? the intersection” wow lol light = jesus intersection = crossroads lecrae = cold

  18. tunji2468

    People this is a mixtape… Mixtapes are always free… Datpiff is where lecraes mixtapes when it first came out so go download? it ain’t illegal it’s meant to be free

  19. xLebron6x

    Go to the link in the description that says man. Enjoy this amazing mixtape! :)?

  20. mrmrsgordon09

    search Church B.? Desperate

  21. envaya123

    how i get? it for free

  22. theCbros7


  23. theCbros7

    How can I get it? free??

  24. Cecil McClendon

    Please check out Willie Moore Jr (formerly known as Pretty Willie. (Remember he made these 4 walls, She got a man at Home, Good thang etc.Willie’s a man of God now)! He’s another Christian Hip Hop/RnB Artist. (prefers to call it kingdom music) Please do God, Willie, and me a favor by checking out? his music. God knows you won’t regret it! Amen and blessings to all =)