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Learning Japanese with Android

Reviewing/Showing some Android Apps that are useful to people learning Japanese. Aedict – Dictionary Kanji Flashcards – Learn and practice Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana Kana Test – Practice Katakana and Hiragana on the got with a nice UI Kanabun – Word creating game using Hiragana Survive! Japanese Lite – Game; youre travelling in Japan and need to make your way through the city; great for learning a lot of vocabulary! Ankidroid – Port flashcards from the PC App “Anki” to your Android Phone to practise 😉 All available for FREE from the Android Market! Feel free to leave comments and ask questions!
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24 Responses

  1. Winry0Chan

    iam downloading? it now ^_^
    thank you

  2. billybob300c

    thx for the app recommendations?

  3. buraianpuritu

    Conjugation Japanese is? a fantastic Android app.

  4. buraianpuritu

    Lang-8 is what you are looking for, check out their website.?

  5. soomy18

    I would like to ask ,if you know? some apps that I can chat with japanese people? to practice my japanese also make friendship! I would appraciate your help 🙂

  6. soomy18

    great! thank? you!

  7. packetpirate

    It’s okay, but far too? short. Try real resources, like BOOKS… you know… those things that nobody uses anymore. It’s like the internet on paper.

  8. pepposole

    i use Kanji Quiz… it’s cool! Please add it? to the reviewed ones

  9. Soulscare6

    Agreed, brilliant app.?

  10. Just4Mine1

    Cool, is all that game’s free? can it use? in X-Peria?

  11. benitofinito

    Kana by hand is good.

    can’t find kanabun??

  12. BenKuroshin

    Obenkyo is probably the best App to practice Kana and Kanji. It has all the functions? of kana Test and Kanji flashcards and much more

  13. acdctutorials1

    Great vid, thanks? a lot.

  14. TheShadowsLotus

    you guys should try Human Japanese
    it took me? about a week to learn ???? (hiragana)
    with that app. It’s also available on the computer

  15. daidouji

    I have been looking for the Kanji Pad!!!?

  16. daidouji

    Okay? that’s it.. I will also be getting an Android…

  17. DragiiPower

    another great app for learning kana and kanji (in german; you can also learn? on your pc)
    LearnKanji by DragonWork (search it on the market or google it)

  18. kwyang93

    Thanks alot it really helps a beginner like? me….hope u will update more similar apps in the near future.

  19. Chillerbill

    Thanks amigo!?

  20. ComputerGrant

    Thanks for this video. I believe Kana Test might have been renamed. The closest thing I could find was KanaQuiz by Dylan McGannon.? Cheers.

  21. Janjubie

    Sweet I can’t wait to put these on my htc evo 4g? shift.

  22. el vojeet

    Kana Test? gibt es wohl nicht mehr. Gibt es was vergleichbares?

  23. pepposole

    Kanji Quiz is a cool application too. Check it out on? Android Market

  24. punkmonkey123

    For someone studying japanese, you sure suck at pronunciation.?