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Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Drunk Brokers! (E57)

Keiser Report - Markets! Finance! Drunk Brokers! (E57)

Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the latest scandals of American newspapers that rebrand torture as ‘waterboarding’; Timmy Geithner’s unwitting junk bond buyers; and, bailed out American banks financing Mexican drug lords. In the second half of the show, Max talks to lawyer, Luc Saucier, about building a case of obscenity against the banks.
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  1. itsanameisntit

    It will never work, the very first thing that the Supreme Court will do is repealed its law against? obscenity and instead of any kind of protection, will end up seeing “2 girls 1 cup” on Fox Primetime.

  2. christophercredit

    How on earth were the American people mind f’d so badly, to get them to believe high housing costs are a ‘good’ thing?!…85% of the housing in San Francisco is rental housing;? how high will that disparity grow? 90%? 95%? 99%? It’s not far from those figures now. To top it off, the special interests (landlords, investors) have successfully all but completely decimated rent control allowing landlords to charge ‘whatever the market will bear’. Hmm…what will you pay to keep a roof over your head?

  3. onedollarwill

    Maxwell? Smart, Secret Spy!

  4. saintkatanalegacy

    with wage control, it forces companies to hire less workers, hence less productivity and more unemployed. and since you’ve mentioned companies failing, did fanie mae and freddie mac die? did all those too-big-fails die? what happened to those who aren’t big? enough? they all died thanks to an over regulating government. and yes, GS isn’t stupid enough because they have their own men running your economy’s regulation, duh.

  5. mengwise36

    What is this “normal”? distribution? Without government regulation, a corporation will pay the lowest wage possible (saving for them but not for you), work you 24/7 if possible (saving for them but not for you), produce the cheapest product possible (saving for them but not for you).

    And let’s say a company fails. What happens to the capital? It goes to another person with capital.

    Goldman Sachs is not doing something stupid. They are doing something very profitable.

  6. mengwise36

    I know very well what capitalism is and anyone who thinks that monopoly is NOT the end game of capitalism obviously does not know what capitalism? really is.

    Capitalism was a step forward from serfdom where power is transferred by birth. Instead, people with money (capital) now holds the power. No one ever said it was fair and for you to think at some distant past capitalism was fair is laughable.

    Without a government for the people, capitalism is serfdom.

  7. saintkatanalegacy

    it IS the government that eliminates you from the competition thanks to a number of taxes, fees and regulations that shouldn’t be even there. it just promotes spending, consumption and debt as opposed to capitalism that promotes saving and normal redistribution.? also, too-big-to-fails won’t bother betting against you if they didn’t know that government is there to save their arse every time they do something stupid which would have been their end.

  8. saintkatanalegacy

    but do you even know what capitalism is? Heck, there’s barely any capital left for competition to even arise. Tell me then if you truly believe that America still has fair capitalism if “too-big-to-fail” companies really deserve bail outs when normally they would have to undergo the normal? business cycle but they didn’t. instead of redistributing capital, hence capitalism, you now have serfdom courtesy by an over regulating government. it’s not even the companies that eliminate you.

  9. pretorious700

    Just think for a moment the depravity of minds that invent something like “waterboarding”. I know it’s been around in one form or another for centuries, but? it’s still some sick shit.

  10. mengwise36

    There might be examples that some companies would merge to compete with bigger ones, with or without red tape. But that is not, has not and never will be the majority.

    The nature of capitalism is companies fighting to establish monopoly by any means necessary, as illustrated by Railroad Tycoon. There is no government to pressure companies to merge. But to WIN in the? game, as IRL, companies have to outgrow their competitors or by crushed.

  11. FrankensteinFinance

    …………and,? it is precisely? this ability to materialize those “numbers” producing debt or currency out of “thin air” that has, atrophied ‘that’ organ, within the common presence of the afflicted terrestrial beings there, which alone gives them the possibility of sensing objective reality, or even the ability of being able to count beyond single digit numbers.”………..stardate..­­….2000010188189

  12. saintkatanalegacy

    would suggest reading “capitalism: a treatise on economics by? george reisman”

  13. saintkatanalegacy

    heh, or is it because companies can’t survive as small enterprises due to overregulation that pushed them to “survive” as merged companies? why are smaller companies moving to another country? you see, it’s the larger companies that lobby in order to overregulate the system so that they’ll achieve monopoly. like you said, there’s no government in railroad? tycoon, so you never saw companies lobbying in order to achieve monopoly through red taping.

  14. mengwise36

    It? was the LACKING of such regulation that let to bigger and bigger companies.

  15. mengwise36

    I will even give you regulation = red tape. That is what bureaucracy is, red tape. However it is quite interesting that you claim red tape encourage companies to merge. I played this game called Railroad Tycoon. I am sure there is no government whatsoever in this game? and yet in order to “win” you have to buy up your competitors to achieve monopoly. If anything, government should regulate how big a company can get and in some degree that is what FCC or SEC does.

  16. saintkatanalegacy

    over regulation = red tape. over regulation introduces the need for companies to merge. merging then leads to monopolies but since they are too big, they become harder to manage. over regulation also introduces the concept of too-big-fail. obviously, in a? market environment with over regulation, it’s difficult to open a business which is why there’s practically no competition. less companies then less jobs. more unemployed means more poor. more poor means they die poor.

  17. mengwise36

    What is over regulated exactly? When banks are less regulated, economy crash. When health care is less regulated, sick people die. When OSD is less regulated, you have BP.

    If what you say is true, then any African country would be more attractive to the capitalists. But the reality is NO. Capitalists are attracted to opportunities, regulated or not. China has far more regulation than US, no? Why would capital flow out of? US to China then? MORE opportunity.

  18. saintkatanalegacy

    BUT, look at what over-regulation brought about. in a modern capitalist world, less regulation is more attractive. attraction from capitalists means more jobs. where did most of the industrialists go? to where? there is LESS regulation. besides, the austrian definition for inflation IS WAAAAY more reliable than CPI based inflation.

  19. mengwise36

    Let me explain to you why it is bullshit then. “Laissez-faire” is a term? created in the 17th, 18th century. Guess who was in charge back then? Kings! Of course the business wanted to stop “state monopoly” and let themselves have a chance. Of course the business wanted less government control. It is not to benefit the masses. It is to benefit the business. In the days of Goldman Sachs betting against their own client and BP disaster, you want LESS government regulation?

  20. eesloan4

    Ha yea I suppose.?

  21. Ranger4564

    Actually, my argument is that Capitalism rewards only the most ruthless amongst us…it is a competitive nightmare, but those people who are most heartless end up doing the best. Otherwise, I agree with you. Most people have no clue what they’re talking about… they hear something and then believe it because they can’t bother to think things through… One need only look at the world as 1 big place to see that Capitalism fails most of the world’s? population. Tragic.

  22. jyoung0000

    People need? to quit learning by radio and TV. That is all there is to it!

  23. tiggeresse

    Capitalism is a system that rewards only the richest. If you want a tax deduction, you must first own? enough to earn it. The trend of the weakening middle class is so clear, I am surprised “Socialism” is still such a dirty word in America. And what “welfare state” are they talking about? The only welfare here is that given to large corporations. You’d think folks would have figured out by now that the current system does not work! Band-aids fall off eventually.

  24. hubiethesaint

    Wachovia bank? gave a 16.5 million $ loan to La Raza

  25. amcanmike