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KDE 4.0 Release Event Keynote

Aaron Seigo – President of KDE eV and Trolltech developer

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  1. cyborgtroy

    It’s in the settings. KDE programs have more options available.
    unfortunately, KDE also uses Qt, which bugs? the crap out of me.

  2. cyborgtroy

    KDE 3 is way better than? GNOME, but KDE 4 is just confusing. I can’t get used to it.

  3. Jen5en

    I don’t get why? there are constant flamewars between Gnome and KDE fans. Both desktop environments can be skinned to a level, where there is little to no difference. That’s the cool thing about freedom. Granted, neither Gnome nor KDE will be as light as Xfce, but it really is minor details. Remember, it’s still Linux, so share the love people. 😀

  4. TiLeNpWneD

    True, im using it right now.
    If someone wants to try KDE it’s better for you to wait for KDE4.2 in the end? of the year, this version still has some stupid bugs

  5. socceroos123

    Wow. This sends chills up my spine. KDE 4 steps to the? front of the pack. This is brilliant stuff.

  6. Snejp

    “tak jest Policeman przeszukuje mnie 😀
    przecie? Mam prawo nosi? to co chce 😀
    toco moje, moje co jara mnie
    w razie co niewiem co jak i gdzie”

    Kurde dawno nie s?ucha?em Jamal 😀

    35 min. there are a? polish song 😀

  7. securezone


  8. auslei

    omg 7742?

  9. Richard Neal

    Yeah? free to do anything accept edit HTML in Kmail because we are anal retentive geeks.

  10. playfsx

    77:42 !!!?

  11. Kevinjimtheone

    KDE 4 Rulez?