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Josh Berry the Impressionist on Live @ Wimbledon

Live @ Wimbledon presenter Rob Walker meets YouTube sensation Josh The Impressionist. More great content at SUBSCRIBE to…
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  1. SellPerfectReplicas

    Check my channel to pick up tennis trainers and? sunglasses πŸ™‚

  2. wagsbass

    The kid is? good

  3. XiBovell

    claim to fame:? friend of a friend :O

  4. A Davey

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  5. pancakesandtea


  6. musicfreak194

    Ok here’s my claim to fame.? Josh is my cousins friends big brother.

  7. mixerJR2

    wimbledonlive.? tk
    live stream from WIMBLEDON 2013?

  8. lxvlx

    in the video on this channel with the title ‘Wimbledon 2013 Day 11 Preview’ Djokovic mentions the success he has had at Wimbledon. He also says that Wimbledon is his big? one.

  9. SellPerfectReplicas

    My videos? have tennis sneakers reviews πŸ™‚

  10. Nico Ng

    Rob Walker go back to snooker lol

  11. anne lee

    Josh is amazing.? Hs Ferrer is brilliant too.

  12. Klaus141986

    The impressions are amazing but the things he says like those players? are not that well: Djokovic never is gonna say that Wimbledon is a place were he had great succes, yes he won in 2011 but he doesnt like too much the grass compared to AO and US Open, and tennis is by no means the NΒΊ1 sport in Serbia, basketball is. Although the impressions are top notch.

  13. Klaus141986

    Wimbledon Tv and Wimbledon Radio: Murray, Murray, Murray,? Djokovic, Murray.

  14. CalumE5

    His YouTube channel is JoshBerryImpressions – he does the big 4 as well as Ferrer and Gasquet. You can? follow him on Twitter at @JoshBerry19

  15. Faith L


  16. JoshBerryImpressions

    Also feel free? to follow me on twitter for more updates on impressions @joshberry19

  17. JoshBerryImpressions

    Indeed I do I have a channel – check out some? more of my impressions there

  18. iiiprogressive

    Djokovic impression is? unbelievable!


    does he have a youtube chanel??

  20. ivegotabfmv

    haha awesome!?

  21. Owen Simpson