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Interview with a luthier part 3 hand made guitar building classical nylon string influences tools Click the link above to receive free exclusive videos , newsletters, and lots more free guitar and music goodies from Next Level Guitar. In this video we have part 3 of an interview with luthier Thomas Heller and tour his shop where he hand makes classical guitars in Carlsbad California. Check out his process and tools and learn about the fine workmanship of a craftsman. Many more full on video lessons at the full on instructional website at: Click the link below to go to check out more on luthier Thomas Heller and see his hand made classical guitars. http

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  1. 19gino65

    I really enjoyed this interesting and inspirational interview.Thanks!?

  2. getchizzled

    i dont think this guy is good at speaking on camera haah he? seems shy

  3. surlybirch

    Jeezus H. If you’re going to do videos like this, put a? microphone on the person your’re interviewing. Great topic, but lousy execution.

  4. jefferyakathedude

    About 2 1/2 years ago while living in Bozeman, I tried to get on with Gibson Guitars mostly to learn just how an acoustic guitar is made. ? Well those dicks DIDN’T hire me leaving lost in the wilderness as to what the processs is about. Thanks Dave for posting this littel series, and as always thank for doing what you guys do.

  5. morroida9966

    i think its adres segovia, this? reminds me of my father playing

  6. meaning1

    Bach’s? Prelude.

  7. 216trixie

    The first episode was definitely a steel string…..I don’t know what they? were thinking.

  8. Ryzeke

    I usually can remember classical song names. BUT I CAN’T REMEMBER THE SONG AT THE BEGINNING!

    Yargh! Could someone share with me? the name of the song at the beginning? I’m having a major brain dead moment…

  9. hmmm5000

    He said? Log!

  10. tuft125

    finally got a nylon string on? backing music 😛

  11. DemonDZ

    congratulations? =D

  12. wasatchsaskwatch

    My Dad learned guitar building at Roberto Venn back in the 70’s. He has a small shop in his back yard. Each of his guitars are hand? made works of art and labors of love. He has built me 3 of them.

  13. iwannacapo

    i just paused this at the funniest time and hes got? the funniest expression. pause it at 8:32

  14. 500passwords

    very? educational 🙂

  15. iwannacapo

    i may? be getting a job and a carpenters shop sometime soon which i’m looking forward to. my over all goal is to become a luthier/carpenter. *daydreams*

  16. iwannacapo

    you and me? both lol.

  17. Tanikaze2

    I’m going to Roberto Venn as? soon as possible, so this is VERY interesting to me.

  18. curiousgeorge555

    Very informative. Thank you. ~cg?

  19. LordOfThisWorld74

    I would go that? school….

  20. multaflor

    Could you guys do a video on types of wood and their advantages/dis???

  21. valvitnir

    I would like to watch someone play one of these guitars would be? cool

  22. DuskY1991

    Cool? video.

  23. pini16893

    a friend of mine has? a guitar made by this man, and it’s a great instrument. a bit expensive too, but great.

  24. ruben112alejandro

    one day… I want to? build my own guitar 😀