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Internet Marketing Orlando,video Marketing,seo,social Media

Internet Marketing Orlando,video Marketing, seo ,social Media
Internet Marketing Orlando
the more you learn the more you realize how much you don’t know.
Ever notice how everyone is an expert in something regardless of their training ,considering how under informed/educated the general public is this is no monumental task,just read a few books and implement what you learn,almost like learning to ride a bike accept for the book reading part and you can become half way decent at whatever it is your learning until one day many years from now you are the expert in that field even if you suck at what you do just because you have been doing it so long.

I bring this up because recently I have been on a mad dash to put the finishing touches on a marketing system for who else but small businesses that work in local markets brick and mortar type.For any marketer who has been in their field for any length of time most of this will seem very simple,so bare with me,I think there are 5 fundamental areas that any business should be focused on. Most don’t or won’t cause they are chasing the next customer.

1. Keeping the customers they have.staying in touch regularly(cost $ 7 to get a new customer $ 1 to keep the one you have)
2. Getting them to purchase more often and have them make larger purchases.(Costco,or any of the big box wholesalers)
3. Creating a referral environment reward for good behavior
4. Getting new customers
5. Creating large a list of prospects to market to until they become customers or opt out of your list

I think you can flip 4 and 5 around

The point to all this is I am listening to a lot of marketing companies that have websites that are not even set up correctly don’t have better than a page rank of 2 or proper title tags,and want to show me how to do my marketing.For the record, my website Quick Pro Marketing is currently being revamped and has a page rank of 0 as why we are creating a new one and scraping the one I created when I was learning to be an expert,on internet marketing ,not web design.

No one has approached me with any of these ideas maybe a half hearted attempt at list building not much else, SEO , web design,keyword research,buzz words hot topics and everyone and their mother are now experts in internet marketing . The small business owner most often is clueless or knows enough to be dangerous.Tough times for businesses everyone is trying to sell them the next magic bullet.

Marketing is not rocket science it’s just common sense…. even on the internet.

5 areas to take care of in your online marketing,this will be outlined in detail in my e-book Business Marketing Systems

1. Videos
2. Articles/press releases
3. SEO website and articles
4. Social Media
5. Google Places

I will not over these 5 main areas in this post, but I will go into detail on the next post, these 5 main areas are critical to your business getting new customers on line and ranking high in the search engines , do these 5 thing well and you will become an expert in your Niche Guaranteed!!!

Pete Kici and Quick Pro Marketing work with local businesses
Providing Seo , videos ,social media and articles that bring customers begging to do business with you.
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