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Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic
Website traffic means how many people or visitors visiting your website. So, if you have a low traffic to your site just means you only few visiting your site and if you are selling something, just mean you have a not so great business in the internet. So, here are some helpful tips to guide you boost your website traffic.

Good quality of content
First of all steps, you should be having a great website content and design too. A design that is refreshing to the eyes of the readers, easy to read, east to find the links. It is also important to have facts and helpful information about what you’re offering. Uniqueness of your content can also boost your website’s traffic. You can also put videos , you can video yourself and give the background of your site, the advantages, the helps they can gain from your site or what on you’re offering.

Keep it fresh and updated, have a weekly or monthly schedule to update your site. This will invite your visitors everyday or every week to check out your site. Have something to always look for to, it can be, articles, blogs, news, trivia, contest, offers etc.

Search Engines / Directories
Basic rule, submit your website to search engines . If you can submit to all search engines would be great. This will help your site scattered all over the internet world.

Fair Offers
This is the most effective way for increasing traffic to a website; offering people something that they cannot obtain elsewhere or at least have some advantage to your competitors. In this strategy, you can check out your competitors website and check out what the offer and see if you can make a better offer than them, this will put you on top of the visitors priority. Place yourself as a visitor too so that you can relate on what they are looking for.

Be sure you have a good keywords for your site. Put your title, description and meta tags to your HTML. If you have photos, you can put different keywords in the photos that is related to your site. Lessen outting your one word keyword because for sure you got tons of competitors in just one word, try to do, phrases keyword, for example, your keyword is wedding, make it, “wedding tips”, “cheap wedding offers” this will lessen your competitor, unique keywords too can help.

Backlink is very important and helpful to increase your traffic. If you don’t know how to do it or no time to do it, you can always outsource it. There are many link builder in the internet offering cheap services for what you are seeking.

Trade Links
This also an important way, exchange links or trade links, find a similar website like what you offer and exchange links with them. This is a two way links exchange, they will accept your link and you will put their links to your site too. Finding a website to exchange links to must have a good Page Rank and traffic, why, because this means there are more people can see your links too.

There free and paid advertisement. For free, don’t expect immediate result, you’ll be needing your patience. Here are some free ways to advertise your site:

Article Submission – you can write article, blogs, topics, news about your site or what you are offering and submit it to high ranking article directories. Include your website information, your background as the author.

Message Board – you can participate on any message board, you can answer the questions that are related to your site or what you offering. If the readers are satisfied on your answer, this will encourage them to visit your site.

Forums – there are many free forums, you can just register and participate to the topic. In this way, you can help and be help. You can find interesting and helpful tips there.

Here are the Paid Advertisement

SEO Specialist – you can hire a SEO specialist, which can help you to reach your goal in just less time.

Pay Per Click – an effective way too. In a short period of time, your traffic can get double as what your time frame expects. But limit your expenses. Must tally your expenses to your website’s income.

Local advertisement – you can also go local, advertise to your local newspapers, magazines, printed Yellow Pages. You can print a small business cards, brochures, pamphlets where you can leave to your friends Cafe’s, Restaurant, Shop. If you have more budget, you can have signboards and tarpaulins. Stickers where you can out on your car or friend’s cars, house or shops.

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