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Improve Page Rank In 9 Easy Steps

Improve Page Rank In 9 Easy Steps Although I have already covered how to improve page rank in one of my previous posts, I believe that it’s a good idea to share some simple strategies you can implement right now to drastically improve your page rank within the next 14-21 days. To make it clear, I don’t want you to rely solely on page rank to rank high in the SERPs, because page rank is not the only thing that determines your rankings. It also depends on how well you chose your headline, title tag, meta tags, keywords and a whole bunch of other factors. Trust me when I say this: page rank is important but it’s not SUPER important, because you can (and there are case studies to support this) rank on the first page of Google with low page rank. Just as the world we live in, SEO is a pretty messed u,.but when you get to the bottom of it, you realize that page rank is just a small piece of the SEO puzzle that you need to assemble when shooting for higher placements in the SERPs. To get a detailed breakdown of all 9 steps, visit:
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