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Ideas for Building Cheap Backlinks

Ideas for Building Cheap Backlinks

Write an ebook or report for cheap backlinks . It does not have to be anything fancy. If it goes over like twenty pages, then it’s technically not considered a report. But, between a report or an ebook is a step in the right direction. If a product is being promoted, describe what it does, the health benefits or how it can solve a problem, make it an easy read nothing techical.

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Give the report away for free to gain exposure so your website can be found. Make a report that is free then it leads to the ebook that a person can buy which will lead to the website also. Link the sites together. One main website, the sales page of the ebook, and a squeeze page that will give away the report but it builds your subscriber list when the person gives permission to send an email to them.

Either way, this all of a sudden has three sites going into a search engine . But, the backlinks are linking and putting your link in the report and ebook both so again the website can be found. That is extremely cheap backlinks , one hundred percent free!


Now, take this one step further. Go to Facebook and make a fan page for your website. Maybe you are selling the coolest new Ipad application. Let your fans know that you have made a report and can receive it for free for a limited time. That is a great sales pitch. It’s free and they must hurry to get it. Don’t worry about sales. People of course run their mouths and must tell all their friends and family. This is the beauty of backlinks.

People will bookmark to look at it later or find the main site and bookmark it and so on.


This will build your email subscriber list fast. Once you gain a person’s permission for email, the sky is the limit. If there are other things being promoted, including affiliate stuff, the subscriber just clicks on that link in the email and lands. It is like one big circle and linking it all together creates a wealth of cheap backlinks .


There is thousands of ways to get cheap backlinks . New ones are being invented everyday. Just get extremely creative and have fun working in your business.

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