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IBM Research Announces New Advances in Quantum Computing

Quantum computing has been a Holy Grail for researchers ever since Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, in 1981, challenged the scientific community to build computers based on quantum mechanics. For decades, the pursuit remained firmly in the theoretical realm. But now IBM scientists believe they’re on the cusp of building systems that will take computing to a whole new level.

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  1. msaqib2050


  2. zwarst

    it will? need a video card to process quantum 4th dimensional visuals?

  3. NightArck2

    In the future, maybe it will run crysis at? four diffrent parallel states… simultaneously.

  4. andrespereyda

    let me know if you ever? need anything else

  5. Shiek927

    Alright alright, I was just? asking >_>

  6. andrespereyda

    what did you think? i meant to say everything is relative, and when we think we know it, we are most confused. time is relative. the “day” will come, and it already has for some momentarily, when the future will be as the past, and visa versa. time will be a circle, or sphere to which you can experience any time you want at any time. higher dimensions will be more important. that would be one example? of a singularity out of an infinite. what else could i have meant?

  7. Shiek927

    You know, re-reading your comment, I’m a little confused…what did you mean to say??

  8. JohnKSellers

    The claim is made that quantum computing may enable us to factor large numbers….but wait. The output from a quantum? computer can only be statistical, and if you do good statistics, you must tell the difference of the one correct answer among all answers. For a 200 digit number, there are roughly 10 to the 200 power possible 200 digit answers. So you MUST do statistics more accurate than one part in 10 to the 200th. I suspect the number of samples necessary to do this is prohibitive.

  9. UnowMe00

    it may invent? games that feel more real than your not-so-real-life.

  10. kope2kope

    If you can program it (which we can’t) and prevent coherence then you will be able to run as many Cyrsis that take up as much data? as 2^500 is.

  11. LeReVaQ

    Well.. Considering the power of their new break through, you just need 1 quantum chip. With it you can like play over? 10.000 Crysis games simultaneously, or more?

  12. liptonBlueBirdAdd

    If technology could cure aging, perhaps we’ll have the technology to travel among the stars 😀

    We might lose Earth but our species could live near another star.

    So let’s? recap:

    de Grey extends human life to that of our home star: 5 billion years of life
    interstellar travel extends human life to the stellar age: hundreds of billions of years of life.

    If faced with dying in a 100 years or 100’s of billions of years… well, the choice is kinda obvious 🙂

  13. hairypineapplewoo

    Haha I know what you mean, but there’s no cure for when the Sun burns up all it’s hydrogen, contracts,? heats up and expands so huge that is swallows up the Earth. So we ARE all going to die

  14. liptonBlueBirdAdd

    Not everyone is going to do die 🙂

    Google? ‘Aubrey de Grey’

    Smallpox used to be ‘a part of life’ but technology stamped that out. Death will likely be cured in the next 50 years.

  15. hairypineapplewoo

    No, that was a joke in reference to the Terminator films. And we’re all gonna? die anyway, it’s part of life 😉

  16. liptonBlueBirdAdd

    You hope to die??

  17. martixbg

    Fortunately? then that the success of scientists does not hinge on the view count, eh?

  18. DavidAmerland

    This is such an important? piece of research! Brilliant!

  19. yowanvista

    Will it blend??

  20. LogicalFlawDetector

    Capitalism innovates and creates economic growth with capital income. The Obama administration wants to tax capital income at? 45% next year.

  21. MyakuX9

    Fuck young Weezy, Dr.? Gambetta is now my role model

  22. hairypineapplewoo

    So we’re at the dawn of the quantum age. Shit is gonna get? real with computers in the next 10 years and beyond. I just hope I’m dead before they launch skynet.

  23. igottogether

    It will be? able to run Crysis forever

  24. Dennzer1

    wow you are in? Junior High? Think about going hard on developing Nanotechnology.