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I built a TARDIS

I built a TARDIS

Here’s a video for the lovers of anticlimactic finales! =D 1) Do NOT try this at home! If you build a TARDIS, use proper tools, protection and your brain at all times! 2) I envy and worship every person who works for the BBC props department! I will however do anything for a bad joke. 3) If this isn’t enough TARDIS for you, you can take a look at my build diary on 4) I obviously don’t really play the nose flute nor the musical saw, although my skills on both instruments are actually slightly better than in the video. MUSIC USED IN THE VIDEO Working on the TARDIS: Featuring the 8bit version of Alex Day’s “Forever yours” (Blue version) by actuallydave: TARDIS speed build: Kevin MacLeod’s “Faster does it” is royalty-free available here: Really really really really really really bad outro: Something like the Doctor Who theme music by Ron Grainer was mutilated and performed by myself. Sorry. Like I said, I have this thing for bad jokes… 🙂
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25 Responses

  1. 8SoulHealer8

    If I did this, I would make it inside my home? and make it into a wardrobe.

  2. 4lifeNerdfighter

    You look a lot like the lady that did a literary analysis of Forever Yours.?

  3. charitycrafter

    Every girl needs a tardis in their back yard next to the chicken coop. You did a great job. ? Really smart to make it foldable. Love your chickens too.

  4. 21rrw

    That is SO AWESOME! I wish I could do that lol. I didn’t see that? this was so long but I couldn’t stop watching it lol

  5. gglovespuppies

    Now all you need is Timelord science? and a fez ^-^

  6. basketofpuppys

    Build a Tardis for hamsters smaller is easier? :0P

  7. samidemaeyer

    You? are hot mail me sam,

  8. Loveisallyouneed73

    I think I would be so sad if I ever made my own TARDIS because it wouldn’t? be bigger on the inside.

  9. CyberTimelord

    The Master: The Sound of Drums and the Eye of Harmony!
    The Daleks: Now we will EXTERMINATE the TARDIS!!
    The Cybermen: Delete the TARDIS.
    Rory: So…how do travel through Time and Space without the engine?
    Policemen in London: How do you call us without the phone?
    9th Doctor: Fantastic! You made a fake TARDIS!
    10th? Doctor: I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. But this TARDIS isn’t working at all.
    11th Doctor: My TARDIS is cooler.
    Russel and Steven: You forgot to use Time Lord Science!

  10. TheDoctor1003

    I love? you…

  11. onpointedancing

    This is so brilliant. The portable aspect makes it even better!?

  12. crazyhorse624

    Time? And Relative Dimensions In Space

  13. JL Fink

    i think tardis stands for, “time and relatives,distance in space” or something ?

  14. BTTFRUS1

    now make it bigger inside? 😀

  15. CocaColaFromageDK

    I weren’t planning on watching a 17 minute long video about? building a TARDIS,
    but I couldn’t stop watching!
    This is great, and I actually feel like subscribing. O.o

  16. Zyeiketopia1018

    Awesome…? Now make the phone panel open up and put your home phone in there.

  17. twistnturn44

    It’s awesome
    idk if it’s the lighting? or what
    But that blue seems… off ;-;

  18. rogerwilco2

    I just happened to follow a link from a Dr. Who video and I come across this. I haven’t seen your? other videos but I just subscribed. Incredibly hot, somewhat nerdy woman building a Tardis and playing a bass clarinet. Wow, just wow.

  19. rogerwilco2

    Excellent build. I find it funny how you present the build, most guys? would show of the things that went well, you show all the mistakes.

  20. mratkinson2007

    You are a fucking badass,? I adore you.

  21. tentsforpaddies

    Of course, a MAN would have had the simply RATIONAL thought when designing the chicken coop, to combine the two projects into one by building a “Tardis Chicken Coop? “, hence halving the work whilst simultaneously guaranteeing a larger interior living space for the chickens. Thought bubble: Hmmm, I wonder if a Tardis coop would qualify these chickens as “Free Range”.

  22. TheJeremyevans

    excellent build. a? dalek next?

  23. Clocks1coldplay

    you where playing forever yours
    and i know you? were swearing in german 😉

  24. altopiasun

    I? thought that lamp was… pure genius…

  25. Hi675445

    god told you to build a tardis because the world going to end lolololol? tardis almighty