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How To Use The FREE Backlinks Generator

Video instructions for using the FREE Backlinks Generator on this site, and also how to obtain your own copy of the FREE Backlinks Generator to incorporate into your own website
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  1. alexa4

    HAAHAHAHAHA White? hat my ass, stick to ForAllSEO for now I think


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  3. knowell2006

    hi,? so wheres the Link? we can start

  4. KeithPurkiss

    Yes, this is a totally? safe method…

  5. softwaretooler

    “Yeah? this is ‘whitehat’ and perfectly acceptable to google”
    >> yes, sure.

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  9. TheOnlooker2010

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  10. aeroskyn

    Sounds good enough? to try….

  11. renzkyvidsedit

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  12. ThePashaclub
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  13. RalphSlatton

    When I clicked on the gold button, I see a popup that asks if I? want to save or open the file. When I hit either option, it asks what program do I want to open it with. What program works with this? I thought it would take me to the webpage in your video example. Please help.

  14. Sainteve21

    Yeah this is ‘whitehat’ and perfectly acceptable to google, buy don’t just listen to me 🙂

    Steve knows his stuff and? it is easy to? follow especially for beginners.
    antiagingdr 1 year ago

  15. unclearless

    I am new also, did you find the answer? Will this get us banned?? Thanks you,


  16. spiderizon

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  17. CesarVargas000

    Is this a white hat technique? I hear that you can get banned by google if you try to subvert the system. Just a newbie looking for? answers, let me know.

  18. wowzelectronics

    Don’t know much about backlinks but free is always nice without trying it no one knows for sure what it;s? results will really be.

  19. bigtxn36

    Awesome? tools. Love it! keep it up!

  20. antiagingdr

    Steve knows his stuff and? it is easy to follow especially for beginners.