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How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks… The name pretty much says it all. This is a quick video about finding high quality potential backlinks using Scrapebox
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  1. TheSEOPub

    What I put in? the video does work though.

  2. TheSEOPub

    First of? all, calm down. You are only going to get a handful of sites at most if you use the same filters I use. PR 5 and above are going to give you even less.

    So instead of bitching and whining, experiment a little. Try PR 3 and above. Try adding an additional 500 keywords. Try using sites with 50 external links.

    At the end of the day though, blog comments are only a small part of SEO. I barely use them, if at all. This was just intended to help people who do use Scrapebox for commenting.

  3. TheSEOPub

    The Name field in most platforms shows up as a hyperlink to whatever website you? then enter.

  4. Dennis Denev

    i am just curious how do you get back links to your blog when leaving comments to other blogs? Do you post a link to your blog in the? comment zone? sorry for the dumb question…

  5. deeptrancenow

    Thank you? for the video and for making perfect sense – I totally agree with you. I think manual posting of comments that actually have relevance to the blog is the best way to go.

  6. NovitaMusicali

    Thank you! This? video is gold 😉

  7. evenclothing

    Hi .
    So? with the new google update will scrapebox still work like this?

  8. calmandood

    Great? vid! 🙂

  9. Mok0BG

    The right way to use SB 😉 I’m? using it the same way for my sites – it works like a charm!

  10. princeroonie

    get scrapebox Auto Approve list? – scrapeboxy . com?

  11. aunjar

    Very good video. You? sold me on SB. I think I am going to buy it… Thanks!

  12. TheSEOPub

    When I? did this video I was using YourPrivateProxies. Now I get them from fiverr. Found a guy who sells 4 proxies for $5/month. I just buy 20-30 of those every month.

  13. htc888

    Nice video.
    Where do you get your? proxies from? I have vip proxies but yours are WAY faster..?


  14. jetsetter883

    pardon the noob question, but wouldn’t you only want to leave a comment on dofollow blogs? i have seen things here and there how nofollow links are also important, but can you tell me to what degree as compared to dofollow?

    also, you? are dropping a link eventually on all of these sites correct ?

  15. TheSEOPub

    I never use keywords either. As far as how many blogs approve comments, it really varies. I do not keep statistics on it. I export lists into Excel and keep tabs on the ones where I left a comment. I’ll go back about 2 weeks later and see how many comments were approved. Then I trash the ones that didn’t get approved. I keep my approved? lists to go back to from time to time.

  16. truth4usAll

    Yeah, I thought of this before. I guess you? have made your experience with this approach. How many of those blogs really approved your comments? Btw, I never use my keyword as my “name” and I also refer to the post.

  17. TheSEOPub

    No, there is no way to find blogs with existing comments that I can think of. But remember, there could also be other reasons for there being no comments. For one thing, they might not got any traffic. A high PR does? not equal traffic. If I find a good page, I will usually give it a go and see what happens rather than arbitrarily try to guess which pages do and do not approve comments.

  18. truth4usAll

    Hey, thanks for the great video. However, I noticed that the blog pages where we can leave a comment mostly have no comments at all on their pages. At first glance this looks good but I think this is more due to the fact that they dont allow any comments. Is there a way to find only blogs where there are already some comments left (and? not just some OBLs)

  19. TheSEOPub

    There is no way to find dofollow sites? with Scrapebox.

  20. youonchannel

    If you search WP blog probably the comments are nofollow, how to find dofollow? blogs?

  21. villaresortindonesia

    Thank’s for sharing, brilliant!?

  22. fiweru

    Thanks for? sharing thos one 🙂

  23. TheSEOPub

    Sometimes that is? true. Sometimes not. Usually, I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

  24. touchwood1

    If they are blog posts that are? not recent i.e 1 year ago that you are trying to comment on and have no comments
    it probably means the owner is not approving any comments