Home Videos How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks In 2013

How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks In 2013

How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks In 2013 How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High Page Rank Backli…
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  1. Magisto23

    The www-version designerspic(dot)com has over 110k links
    But the trust flow of that page is almost 0.
    So did the site get hit by a penalty or something?
    Do you consider your mission as accomplished??

  2. Catfish Comstock

    Teaching people to spam isn’t that cool dude. and blog comment spam can get
    you so deep into Penguin penalties that you will never get out.

  3. tart green

    You are sending spammy blog comments to the money site? Seems like suicide,
    why did you do this?

  4. mixsetup

    Thank’s for doing this video as I am using Scrape box for the first time
    your video helps.

  5. inforockstar

    It’s not designerspick it is designerspic (dot) com

  6. kharchenkog

    designerspick d[o]t c o m does not exist any more. I am looking for help
    with seo, email me at info at shop pharmacy counter d]o]t c o m

  7. Michael Soekawa

    Thanks for taking the time to put this video together. This is my first
    time hearing about Scrapebox but I love the features set and will
    definitely check it out.

  8. Timothy Gray

    You titled your video “How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR
    Backlinks In 2013 ” , but you show how to send the comments. I was thinking
    this was going to show us how to actually find the high PR links Although
    this is a great vid and I thank you for that. I’m am curious about two
    things. First when I check the page rank you are still at a PR 1 and when I
    take a look at your links they are all nofollow. How are you suppose to
    build up your PR if you only get nofollow links?

  9. Becca Nguyen

    Isn’t comment spamming a big no no for seo?

  10. Evi Noviyanti

    Hello there! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of
    people keep on talking about high quality backlink services known as
    MoboRank (search on google), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have
    you tried MoboRank? I have heard several extraordinary things about it and
    my buddy achieve the rankings he desired with it, but he refuses to tell
    me: (

  11. Scotty Allen

    This tutorial is not in depth but a basic scrapebox comment spamming video

  12. Matt Fales

    So you promised a PageRank of 3-4 within 90-days? It’s been well over 90
    days since this video was uploaded and you’re sitting at a PR1. What’s up
    with that?

  13. inforockstar

    You certainly want to build links to high page rank websites that are
    relevant to the content on your own websites. Otherwise you will probably
    look spammy to google. So yes you are right!

  14. Elmer Tamayo

    that penguin and panda updates is s_uck… my site also suffer on that new
    technology my site turn into pr1 .. see myaccountinginfo(dot)net …

  15. HeatPadIreland

    Great tutorial. I am going use it to rank my new website. Thank You!

  16. Elmer Tamayo

    this is the aweesome commnt i ever been read… this video is very valuable
    to me cause even me i do backlnk manually… but it is true that important
    wen u create backlink that site has pr higher than yours if possible.. 2nd
    question is? is it dofollow or no follow if not …. den it harm your site
    too… but your video is great in the sense if that scrapebox can gather
    website that are same as your niche and keyword and show the pr of the site
    instantly… anyway thanks for this.

  17. inforockstar

    You made a few great points. I think I lost direction a little when making
    this video. To filter the page rank for any of your search results, you’d
    look at the window on the right at the top. You then select which criteria
    you’d like to define. The results that are shown in all are from your
    search from the window from the left. You will be surprised though at how
    few higher PR results actually show up (due to penguin and panda updates by

  18. martin skawinski

    HI Can I use it to help me post organic – every one different post write
    after reading subject ? Short but always done manualy by me ? thx for

  19. Manchester Builders

    Hi mate, how does this figure with googles updates ie unnatural linking
    patterns? Surely if you are posting hundreds/thousands of links
    automatically then google will flag this as unnatural?