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How to Submit Blogger (Blogspot) Sitemap to Google

Video tutorial on how to submit your blogger, blogspot blog sitemap to google webmaster tools and quicken the process of crawling and indexing of your blog pages in Google Search Engine … Tags: sitemap,google,webmaster tools, blogger, blogspot, meta tags

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  1. Maheris

    very nice? kranti

  2. valdanowill

    Good but what happen? to audio?

  3. ridodirected

    Thanks a lot! it really take me time to understand the importance of? sitemap and I am happy to see this video it helps me a lot. Great!

  4. nexblancproductions

    hey why is my gf on your desktop ?? good vid btw ty

  5. Terminus2Impact

    Thanks? a lot man 🙂

  6. The1fuzzylogic

    Thanks for the information? in this video.


    hey what happened to the feeds/tools/default? I used that one before to submit it and it found all my links,? but then google said there was an issue and I got a red x. Will using rss.xml fix this?

  8. loze101

    Why is? that?

  9. jesyboy27

    thanks i will visit it always.. =)?

  10. kranthiswaroop


  11. jesyboy27

    thanks? for this… btw whats the name of your blog? =)