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How to Root – HTC Thunderbolt (No Data Wipe! Newest & Fastest)

VVV Show More VVV NOTICE**** If your on software version #2.11.605.9 or .19 revolutionary will say “failed to get root.” this is because htc patched this exploit with this newest update. To get around this WITHOUT wiping data, you must first temp root by following my video here: ============ Thanks ============ Revolutionary Team ============ Disclaimer ============ I am not responsible for any problems with your phone after watching this video. The fate of your phone is entirely in your hands. Revolutionary Disclaimer: “Revolutionary comes with NO WARRANTY (express or implied), and NO GUARANTEE OF FITNESS for any particular task. Although we have attempted to minimize the risk the best we can, the authors disclaim any chance of damage to your phone. The entire risk of running Revolutionary lies with you, the user.” ============ FAQs ============ If your on software version #2.11.605.9 or .19 revolutionary will say “failed to get root.” this is because htc patched this exploit with this newest update. To get around this WITHOUT wiping data, you must first temp root by following my video here: Will my apps, contacts, pictures, etc be erased like in the other root methods? NO. This method is different and does not wipe anything. Is this the newest root method? Yes, and after gingerbread is released by htc/verizon, this will be the only method. My revolutionary tool freezes at any step, what do I do? Unistall ANY syncing software like HTC sync
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25 Responses

  1. hikomarukun

    So, everything was working fine up until (about @7:30? in the video). I selected recovery, but it is frozen on the white screen with the HTC on it… What do? Thank you.

  2. JMachiavellian

    you the shit!? WORKED!!

  3. James Wright

    Thanks? man alot . . . . . totally worked

  4. Russell Dotson

    ThankyouThankyou! Awesome!? It Worked! Followed both vids, TempRoot and Revolutionary. SuperUser is updated. Unable to delete Bloatware. Is there a vid for that? Thank you again!

  5. CBBA100

    Thanks doc……your video helped? me out alot…now i finally have my thunderbolt rooted

  6. 2ndskinfx

    Thanks for still keeping this up. I havent had to use this method in almost a year, But recently messed up my phone and couldnt remember anything to gain root! NIce and? simple. Great Vid!

  7. azjay1

    Hi nat3… was wondering if you have any vids on rooting Droid RAZR made yet? Your vids for the Tbolt were great! Guess its all in finding? the right rom after rooting. Thanks again for you tutorial vids!

  8. Pathum Addarapathirana

    i rooted my phone once and then i tried to install a rom but it messed it up. so i unrooted and left it in stock thunderbolt software (2.2.1). i tried to root it again but when i tried to do what u asked BY CLICKING ON RECOVERY, the? phone said do you want to update (vol up) or dont update (volume down) instead. so i clicked on volume up and everything was good EXCEPT IT WAS NOT ROOTED. I CHECKED BY DOWNLOADING ROOT CHECK. PLEASE HELP. I REALLY WANT TO ROOT MY PHONE. THX

  9. IAmTheDoctor97

    I had to do the temp root, but both of your videos worked perfectly after a little bit of fiddling with my computer. (I had to install HTC Sync in order to uninstall it (?) ) Anyway, this was SO HELPFUL! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! SO HAPPPYYY!!!!!!! (To whoever is reading this and thiks I am overacting…=P) THANK? YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MidnightxMaximum

    for the superuser file it always come up in winrar and i dont know how im suppost to copy the? files and paste it to my SD there are two seperate files of superuser in winrar and it wont let me copy and paste it to my SD what do i do to make them a regular zip file

  11. nat3mil

    u need to temp root first, read video? description for more info

  12. BAveryP

    When I enter the key it? then says “Zerging Root.. This might take a minute or so …. Then it comes up, “failed to get root! :(” press (almost) any key to exit. What do I do?

  13. mrdeserthotshot

    With my phone attached I ran the temp root and then the revolutionary tool again and it took me to where it said what do you think you are doing you are s-off (gotta love that) and do you want to download flashclock recovery. I said yes and it was smooth sailing? until I twice tried to flash that updated super user zip. file revolutionay tool aborted and said it was bad. (PLEASE CHECK THAT SUPER USER ZIP NATE, THX) So I remounted phone to pc and copied the older su zip file and all was good.

  14. mrdeserthotshot

    I have successfully rooted my thunderbolt! This was an exercise in patience as well as confidence, but I was damned if Verizon was going to keep me from my mobile hotspot! Thanks to you Nate, Rev Tool and HTC!!! See my? next reply for details on what happened.

  15. nat3mil

    first pull your battery, then put it back in. hold the volume down button, then hold the power button. hold both buttons down until it boots to the white screen.

    if should say soff at the top, and? if it does, then boot your phone back up, and run revolutionary so you can flash recovery and finish the procedure

  16. zeldafan104

    Disregard my last comment,? I got past that. Now stuck at waiting for fastboot.

  17. zeldafan104

    keeps saying communication with phone unexpectedly interrupted please try? again. I followed all the steps, and temp rooted beforehand, so I dont know whats going wrong.

  18. mrdeserthotshot

    I tried what you said. but nothing happens when I press down the power button and the volume down simultaneously. it must be s on still. when I let go it just boots up regular. it’s weird, I know it said s off on the phone boot loader screen . not sure why it didn’t take. I think I need to start revolutionary from the beginning right? if so, can I get revolutionary to create a new? key code for this phone ?

  19. njrp77

    why are u fucking whispering clown.?

  20. nat3mil

    u probably already have soff? then. to test boot to the bootloader (phone off hold volume down + power button) it should say soff at the top. then all you need to do is use rev to flash recovery

  21. mrdeserthotshot

    okay so I reran? the revolutionary tool. got stuck on the white htc screen. pull the battery and rebooted. when I try to rerun the revolutionary tool it says that I’m s-off. how do I get the revolutionary tool to start from the beginning? Thx

  22. mrdeserthotshot

    I? have pdanet installed on the phone. Do I need to delete it?

  23. mrdeserthotshot

    Trying to run revolutionary and got as far as “waiting for fastboot…” phone got disconnected not sure why. the phone screen says locked s-on at this point. What? should I do? thx

  24. nat3mil

    u get? it in the market

  25. Jaimgo

    is root check a separate app to download after you root? Or? should it already be installed from this process? I am not seeing it.