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How to make aquarium plant fertiliser using (EI) Estimative Index Salts

This guide is to help those of you who have never used Estimative Index Salts see how you mix the solution and to show how easy it is to switch to EI dosing….

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  1. clive wong

    where can? i get those (EI) thing?

  2. Siddhartha Das

    thank you very? much…

  3. PlantedTankUK

    you can use it in? any tank with plants, with or without CO2

  4. Christine Clifton

    do u use co2 with this or is? it good by its self

  5. PlantedTankUK

    they work fantastic, you will find these salts in all the aquarium plant fertilizers. You can? get them from the link in the video information if you live in the UK if you are in the US maybe someone can point you in the right direction

  6. Christine Clifton

    how did you get hold of? the salts and how well would you say they work

  7. PlantedTankUK

    It is perfectly safe for fish and shrimp, the salts you are putting is pretty much like us eating fruit and veg. These salts are what? the plants use to grow and thrive.

  8. Christine Clifton

    can u tell me how this works and if its safe for? fish n shrimp

  9. zakartaz

    I recently started using dry? ferts also on the EI.

  10. PlantedTankUK

    sorry for the late reply, my? mix is double the strength so i dont have to make it up so regular. my bottles are indeed only 500ml. The mix i state is the one i find perfect for my tank. There are some other calculators out there if you want to try some others. just search google for EI Calculator

  11. jazjac17

    May have answered this myself. Is it? cos u use 1/2 the water. eg 500 ml and not 1000ml described in the calculator?

  12. jazjac17

    Please respond to this. My tank is 180l. U say urs is 160 yet u dose 30 ml. The calculator link is telling me to dose 90 ml. That is not? giving me the warm fuzzy feeling i first had. I have ordered all the stuff now and am worried of what is going to happen. Please advise me.

  13. jazjac17

    Total godsend. This is exactly what i? have been looking for. Thanks loads.

  14. ernust76

    Thank you for the vid, keep’em coming? 🙂