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How to Make an Electric Cigar Box Guitar for $25

Total build (not including glue dry time) took about 3 hours for this guitar. I did my best to use the most inexpensive parts possible. The only tools I use to carve the neck are a knife, hand saw, and a sharp hatchet. Green wood is the easiest to carve, but you risk it splitting as it dries. I used a green piece of maple cut off the tree only hours before and had no problems. The cigar box should be as strong as possible, made of solid wood, not cardboard or particle board. Java by Drew Estate uses an excellent box for this, and makes for a very nice looking instrument. The one I came across I have already used to make a stomp box, but if I find another it will become a guitar. Parts list: Tuning Heads – Cigar Box – 1/4″ Jack – Bolts (bridge/nut) – Neck – Free Microphone (speaker harvested from any outdated electronics) – Free Finishing Nails – Pennies…Free enough Certainly there are ways to make a nicer instrument. The point of this video is to show how quickly and cheaply a guitar can be made, not how to make a masterpiece. Depending on the feedback I get from this video I may make another showing how to build a nicer fretted guitar. Tags: mysteryguitarman mystery guitar man mgm joe penna jp
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  1. Craftman368

    Buying and making the guitar are two different things. If you want to buy a cigar box guitar just search “buy cigar box guitar” in google. If you? want to make one, just follow the tutorials here on youtube.

  2. machinegun48

    I? want to buy good sigar box guitar. How it can be made?

  3. Craftman368

    Are you asking? how you can buy a guitar? Or that you want to buy a guitar like the one in the video?

  4. ChemicalMikeUK

    did? you dry the neck wood first?

  5. TheRezzo01

    thanks? m8

  6. JJGameplayVideo

    it sounds like that song you get in the menu in left? for dead 2

  7. phinbellaforever

    can the box be circular? and can i? use plywood?

  8. machinegun48

    Greetings! I from Russia! How it is possible to buy a? guitar?

  9. ChilloutJay

    Kay done

    and now i? have to learn to play guitar …

  10. iiscool123456789

    You could use a stepheascope thingy that doctors use so it is? like a speaker with ear phones!

  11. Nighthawkinlight

    Yes, you can probably use one, but it might change the guitars tone. If you still have the old nut, you could try to copy the shape out? of PVC. You would need to buy a cheap fitting that has a wall about the same length as your nut, then cut a strip out of it roughly the same size. If you want to be a perfectionist you could use sand paper to shape it exactly the same as the old one. Then just measure where the strings go using the old nut as the template and make shallow cuts with the hack saw.

  12. PISSED8

    can i use the bolt as a nut on? a regular acoustic guitar, cause mine is super glued on there and I want to replace it without having to by a new one cause im left handed and they are impossible to find.

  13. KunterHiller98

    @Nighthawkinlight? what kind of microphone and jack input and wire did? you use for the inside and is it optional because i am only going to use the guitar for acoustic sounding

  14. KKAC13

    it sounds like the same kind of guitar used in borderland and all the other wasteland type games?

  15. ChemicalMikeUK

    awesome.,i can? get a steady supply! 😀

  16. Nighthawkinlight

    Yes,? that would work well.

  17. ChemicalMikeUK

    @Nighthawkinlight is ash wood? suitable for making the neck?

  18. awsomezps

    at 2:07 i? hope you were wearing a cup… ouch

  19. matafuko

    That’s cool, lots of reeom to? make one’s own modifications and tweaks! cheers

  20. Ddog1531

    does it matter what kind? of wood?

  21. hiramchik

    How cool it is? to make your own cigar box guitar! My grandfather used to make spanish classical guitars, but this is probably the only one I could ever make! Yeah, make another guitar with frets like you mentioned. Can’t wait! Thanks!

  22. supermetalgtr

    how many watts and ohms shoud be the speaker??

  23. dirtbagdarrell2008

    Check out shovelman. He makes his out? of shovels.

  24. raceman888

    Nice job.?

  25. Drewsaphine

    I never knew Seth Rogen? had practical skills.