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How to Install Android Market – Rooted Kindle Fire (No ADB, V2)

How to Install Android Market - Rooted Kindle Fire (No ADB, V2)

VVV Show More VVV **NOTICE If you cant paste the market.apk into system apps or u cant change the button please read this. After using the kindle fire utility to root, you must first sideload the superuser.apk to the kindle before this video will work. To sideload the app, download it from the link below, move it to ur kindle, open a file explorer app, find the superuser.apk, select it, and press install. After you have that app, this video should work. If you sideload superuser and it still doesnt work, try this.. -reinstall the root explorer app, it should ask u when u open it for the first time to allow superuser permission.. -if it doesnt, open? ur superuser app and see if root explorer is listed there, if it is and says? deny next to it (or has a sad face) change it to allow -if it doesnt, and its not listed in ur super user app, then the root never was successful, run the the root again Want Root? Want Custom Recovery? Want to install CM7 (Or Any Fire ROM)? Want to Install MIUI ROM? Want to Resize Internal Storage? ============ Thanks ============ JolleyBoy mashi Bandage munday ============ Disclaimer ============ This proccess can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. I am not responsible for anything happening to your device after watching this video. ============ Written Guide ============ 1. Allow installation of unknown sources 2. Download and install

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25 Responses

  1. king19192

    OMG THANK YOU thank you if u dont see the exracted file or speedfile whatever dont worry just go to the market apk? and install it and it will work, this way worked for me

  2. tenecia abbott

    how long should? my kindle be rebooting?

  3. EaZyE342626

    dude it says unfortunatley market has stopped, when i clic it, what? should i do?

  4. adhithya27

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  5. leostyle7771

    i cannot mount to r/o its still at r/w and if i try to paste it just tells me i cannot because the file system? is read only.. what can i do. thanks.

  6. leostyle7771

    can i install the kindlemarket manual because non of your links are downloading from the? kindle. only the explorer works and that was it.. do u have a diff link.???

  7. umar farooq

    Just plug your? tab in pc then go on 4shared then type it in then save it on device/sd card then use a file manager to install the play store plz subscribe me

  8. John Maala

    please help i got everthing right but it wont let me install the google thing?

  9. Justin Secreet

    thank you so much for this great? tutorial

  10. Fizh666

    Thanx alot eveyone else makes it seem so hard but not you.? BEST TUTORIAL EVER!

  11. iN7ept

    when? i try to move the file it wont let me mount r/w and change to mount r/o please help

  12. pinkbubblesXD124

    i cant remember? all that at once

  13. krumpstar123

    cannot open file?

  14. krisburns313

    okay so at first i couldn’t see the extracted files but then i downloaded the? one from the last link(theres three links in the description and the bottom one works)

  15. Aren03

    For those who are having problems looking for the “extracted folder”

    1.) Go to sdcard
    2.) Click Download
    3.) Long press the “
    4.) Select Extract All. A window will? appear, select “Go to Extracted”
    5.) Open the “KindleFireAndroidMarket” folder.
    6.) Click MarketOpener.apk
    7.) Install and enjoy!

    THANKS Nat3mil for the video. Hope it helps other people! 🙂

  16. bruceb1969

    after i get to 2:41 in the tutorial, and enter “bit.lykindlemarket” it takes me to the multi upload page but there is no “direct download” button (as it appears in the? tutorial”). Can you advise on what should be my next step? I’m stuck. so only the root explorer v2.20.apk was downloaded and installed

  17. Bryson Scott

    does this work when kindle? is not rooted

  18. skateboardtheworld

    Hey when i click on the android market icon it says you must add an account to the device to continue. Do you want to add one now? And when i click yes? or no they both take me back to the home screen… Please help

  19. kindlefireproblems

    can someone friggin? help me? i’m frustrated and nate won’t answer…… After i download android market i extract it and goto extracted files, i click on kindle fire android market but after that only one folder appeared, what do i do?

    Please respond

  20. lovemad2

    yes? it worked

  21. BlueFrog2011

    When I was going to open the files up? in the extracted, it only showed “..” Which was the parent folder HELP!

  22. alex reynolds

    never mind it worked…thanks? bro

  23. alex reynolds

    nope…no extracted folder…none? of your videos have EVER worked for me.

  24. yadush4011

    thank you*

  25. yadush4011

    i download the the zip from dis and i extract it and i dont see any files in? that folder please reply@nat3mil that you