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How To Get Yahoo To Indexed Your Blog For Ranking

How To Get Yahoo To Indexed Your Blog For Ranking

Article by Michael

Google owns and sends its spiders through blogger looking for fresh content. Beside that there was a way to get Yahoo looking at your blogger.

In order to get Yahoo spindering or indexing your blog, you will need a Yahoo account. Go to and you will found on the right “My Yahoo” click on it.

Next, click on “Sign Up” you will be taken to a page that requires quite a bit of information.

The first section is “Create Your Yahoo ID”.

Here you will need to enter your first name and your last name. then you will have to choose your preferred continent and your gender. Now it is time to choose your ID, which will also be yahoo email.

Once you have chosen your Yahoo ID, you can press the “Check the Availability of this ID” button. If it is available go on to the next field. Next you will need to create a password. Be sure to check the box “Create my free Yahoo! Email address.

Step 2: You will need to select a security question, giving your birth date and your zip code. This way, if you were to forget your password, Yahoo would ask you to answer the questions so that they could let you back into your account. There is no need to customize your account. You can simply leave this section as it is.

Then you will need to verify your registration.

Finally, you will be asked to read and agree to the Terms of service. Once you click on “I Agree”. Now it is time to link your blog to Yahoo account.

After your have registered for your free My Yahoo account, you will come to a new page; press on the “continue to my Yahoo” button. This will take you to your own personal yahoo landing page.

To register for your blog, the first thing you have to do is click the “Add Content” button at the bottom of the landing page.

Doing so brings you to a page that allows you to add content in various ways, you will see a large, blue “Find Content” field. Next to the “find” button. You will see a link called “Add RSS by URL”. Click on this link so that you will be able to add your blog’s site feed URL. Remember, this is not your blog’s URL but the SITE FEED URL.

Your site feed URL will have atom.xml at the end. For example if you place teh wrong URL in this field, the system will not work. In the following example, the blog URL is and the site feed URL is .

Once you have added your site feed URL, click on the “Add” button. Yahoo then does a quick search to see if there really is a blog with this RSS URL.

Now you will need to click on the “Add to my Yahoo” button. You should then see a new page. Once you have your site URL accepted, click on the “My Yahoo Home” link. When you scroll to the bottom of yahoo page, you will now see that your blog is listed.

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