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How To Get Thousands Of Free Backlinks (HD)

Links: Hey guys! Today I’m gonna show you how to get thousands of free backlink for 100% free and almost no effort. These are high q…

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  1. David Boozer

    Those links are like some of the comments below, useless and out of place.?

  2. David Boozer

    Create great content, this gets you traffic, then followers and people who
    want to link to you….no tricks people…=)

  3. jules wright

    I followed the instructions and nothing happends !! this is my site?

  4. Dhanusha ballikhana


  5. Penn Wooding

    I totally agree, it’s a complete waste of time collecting these free back
    links that carry absolutely no weight whatsoever and will probably do you
    more harm than good. Instead of cutting corners, spend some time creating
    good content that will generate good quality back links.?

  6. 12thaimassage

    Your tip crashed my ranking.?

  7. San Skj

    i just found something that will show you a few tips its incredible that its so cheap!?

  8. Laura Tamara

    Nice method for getting backlinks, but not a very good suggestion IMO-
    Google isn´t giving much value to those low quality links. You can try
    Fiverr, but the quality has gone way down. I got lucky when talking to a
    Fiverr seller – he started a new service on QUALITYCOMMENTS . NET and these
    high PR links have definitely helped my rankings. My suggestion: on-page
    optimization, quality content, social interaction and low amount of quality
    links and you will be golden…

  9. Jake Lucas

    In the event you follow all of the BS spammy links on these videos you‘re
    not likely to make money. I know since I got burned. To view honest cash
    look at the Zutore Cash System web page (Google it) and tell these spammers
    to fuck off!

  10. Jace Miller

    I’m glad someone has some brains. Irrelevant back links are AWFUL for your
    SEO rankings. It does NOT look natural to be getting 1,000 instant back
    links. Great video kid but not good for your site.

  11. Traader Mano

    Warning: Don’t Do this, as you will get downgraded by Google instantly. My
    key words moved 5 ranks back form 17 to 22 on Google search after
    submitting a free back-link project on this service.. Bad Idea wasted my
    hard work

  12. Tiffini Tory

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    guys!!! text your email to 818.514.5395

  13. Marciana May

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  14. kanijkh

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  15. Stefan Ivanov

    You dont need only Backlinks. You need quality backlinks, you shoud have
    know where you registered your site and hwo that helps you. if you get too
    mutch backlinks from low quality pages that wont work on the SEPRs even you
    coud get banned for spamming:)