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How to get old sounds back in minecraft REAL FIX

hey, this is a quick video response on how to get the sounds mod for MC to get it like the old days WORKING!!! … hope it does work 4 U and you enjoy the video! Link 1 for SoundModEnabler: Link 2 for SoundModEnabler (if 1 doesn’t work): link for sound mod itself:

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  1. TheAssaSim

    no offcourse not! you can click force update at options at the login screen and then just log in… you will see it it is downloading packages this? means updating. once this is done just ho trough the precess again. put the soundmod enabler in the minecraft.jar and select your sound files and put then in the correct folder in recources. en by the wat… it ain’t gonna be 1.2.6 but 1.3 😛

  2. nightral8I4

    Oh, this is the first mod I’ve ever installed. Also do I have to wait until 1.2.6 comes? out to force an update?

  3. TheAssaSim

    yes there is aswell… just boot up MC do not click log in but go to options first and then click force update. then log in to? get to the menu and exit the game (kinda works like reinstall) NOTE: this removes all your (other) mods. good luck!

  4. nightral8I4

    I kinda replaced them all with the mod? is there any way to get them new ones back so I can do that?

  5. TheAssaSim

    yes there is than you just have to select the files individual and put the in the right place in? your recources folder.

  6. nightral8I4

    Is there a? way to make it so you have all the old sounds but keep the sound effect for opening chests?

  7. mlgprotutorials

    thanks i missed the old sounds and i wanted it back without? downgrading it so thanks dude

  8. TheAssaSim

    you’re welecome! 😀 … plz help me with letting everybody know this? video!

  9. Angrykiddz

    Thank? you so much, for posting this! My game is so nostalgic now! Thanks again 😀