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How to Get More Traffic and Backlinks To Your Blog From YouTube set up a YouTube channel, upload some valuable, funny or interesting videos and use this strategy to get backlinks and send traffic to your blog or website. Read the full blog post http Get free tips and resources to help you build a better blog and expand your audience! Subscribe to this channel Follow me on Twitter Add me to circles on Google+ This is the link I mentioned in the video
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  1. MsIleaneSpeaks

    You’re welcome. You can learn a lot more about YouTube? video SEO on my podcast. You can find it on iTunes and SoundCloud under Ms. Ileane Speaks. Enjoy!

  2. VacuumSmart

    Thankyou so much, it never occurred to me to put more than one link in the description *facepalm* I will have to go back and make? a few changes to my videos.

  3. DrewryMedia

    it’s my humble pleasure my? friend 🙂

  4. MsIleaneSpeaks

    Thanks? for your kind words my friend. 🙂

  5. DrewryMedia

    great video you have here. the world needs to know about? your awesome video =)

  6. MsIleaneSpeaks

    I’m happy to be taking part in the challenge and thanks for? sharing a comment here too.

  7. barryAwells

    Another great video thanks Ileane, this is a great addition to my video blog challenge. I’ve been adding my blog URL since I started creating videos but never thought of adding other links to my socil media accounts. Nice? tip, thanks 🙂

  8. MsIleaneSpeaks

    I see so many great videos on YouTube by bloggers who neglect to add their blog url or any other links in the description.? They might not realize that YouTube encourages us to link to all of our blogs and social networks in the YouTube Creators Playbook.

  9. JupiterJimLanders

    As you said, it’s critical to put the backlink to your site in the FIRST Line? of the description! Thanks!

  10. MsIleaneSpeaks

    Jim, it’s my pleasure to share the info with you! Thanks for? the comment.

  11. JupiterJimLanders

    Ms. Ileane,

    Oh? My Gosh! This is crazy all the stuff you are sharing here! You are so right, you are showing me stuff I’ve never seen before about all the videos that link back to BasicBlogTips for instance! Thanks so much for another great video!